Moving out of a rental property – things to remember

by Chris Lang on July 4, 2012

Moving out of rental house

There are several things you don’t want to forget when moving out of a rental property.

Notifying your agent/landlord

Have a look in your contract and see how far in advance you should notify your real estate agent (or landlord). When sending your notice of intent to vacate, make sure you have proof they’ve received it – either send by registered post or deliver in person and ask them to sign and date your copy of it. Here is a sample notice of intent to vacate – just fill in the blanks.

Disconnecting all the utilities

Electricity, water, gas, phone, paid TV should be disconnected, mail – redirected. Keep in mind that mail redirection with Australia post won’t apply to companies such as DHL, FedEx or TNT, as they aren’t connected to the Australia post database and won’t have any idea that you’ve moved home. For this reason it makes sense to postpone making any purchases that might be delivered by these companies after you’ve moved out, and order the items straight to your new address.

Cleaning upon vacating

Getting your bond back largely depends on the condition you leave the rental house in. Basically it should look exactly the same as when you moved in (well, except for some reasonable wear and tear). After moving all of your possessions out of the house, do not forget to clean:

Stove – including the inside, trays, door, and outside, clean exhaust fan covers too.
Windows, blinds, venetians and air vents need dusting and wiping
Cupboards – wipe inside and outside
Marks on walls and doors – wipe
Light fittings need dusting
Bathrooms, showers (including shower screens) and toilets
Floors needs mopping and carpets – vacuuming/steam cleaning
Lawns need mowing

Taking pictures

If you can’t be there when the landlord/agent are inspecting the house, it’s a good idea to take pictures of every room in the house as a proof that you’ve left it spotless and deserve to get your full bond back.

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