Moving home? Things to Bear in Mind for an Easy Move

by Greg on December 21, 2015

moving home

Starting a new life in a new city is always exciting: new surroundings, new activities, new friends, probably a new job and definitely a new house are waiting for us. But not everything is so bright or light: the whole process of packing your things away and getting them ready for the move can be really challenging.

If you’re moving, especially interstate, there are plenty of things you need to consider. Your new life can start well if you plan your move carefully and in an organised way.

Communicate Your Moving Plans

It is highly advisable that around 2 weeks before moving you communicate your decision to:

  • your children’s school so that you can have all the transfer documents ready and sent to the new school
  • your medical specialists so that you can collect your medical records or have them transferred to your new practitioners.
  • Start notifying your businesses, colleagues and service providers about your intended change of address.

Doing this well in advance will make it easier for you to rest assured that you have all the required paperwork ready on time.

It is equally important that you arrange Post Mail Redirection Service application to your new address so that you don’t miss any important mail or subscription you may receive regularly and that you arrange to disconnect and connect your essential services (gas, water, phone and electricity) from your old home into your new one.

Choose The Interstate Moving Company Wisely

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Take your time to do some thorough research on interstate moving companies so that you hire one that is within your budget and offers you the service you require. We advise you that you opt for reputable interstate removalists that also provide you with furniture moving insurance. Bear in mind that your furniture and other household items will travel a long way in cardboard boxes and therefore, having all your property items insured is highly advantageous.

Once the quote is confirmed and approved, book the date with the interstate moving company you’ve chosen. Ask them to provide you with proper removalists cartons as they are stronger and have a more adequate size and start gathering striped bags for all your linen as they are more resistant than garbage bags.

Once in your new home, instruct the removalists where you want each carton, bag and piece of furniture to be placed so that you make sure things are not on the way and you don’t have to carry them from one room to the other.

Comply With Quarantine Regulations

When moving interstate you also need to make sure your comply with quarantine regulations that you may not be totally aware of. According to Australian legislation, you are not allowed to travel interstate carrying particular animals or plants. For instance, certain house or pot plants from Adelaide aren’t allowed in Melbourne. It is recommended that you ask the local authorities for the specific types of pot plants you cannot bring. For more information on domestic quarantine regulations you can visit this website.

Pack Your Things Away In A Savvy Way

moving home
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Undergoing an interstate move can be stressing but also provides the best opportunity to get rid of all those items that you haven’t used for ages and that have been occupying space in your house. Remember that the fewer things you have to pack, the fewer things you’ll have to unpack and organise later in your new home.

That said, try to start packing as early as possible and put away first those things you don’t use as frequently such as books or out of season clothing. Work on one room at a time and label each box carefully, writing down the content of the box and the room it should go to. Get rid of unnecessary things and toss them away.

Be especially careful when packing your electronic equipment, glassware and other delicate items. Use foam and bubble wrapping paper to wrap them so that they are well protected during the move.

In the kitchen, use up all opened packages and dispose of any food item that is past its due date. Start using any food you have in the freezer.

Gas cylinders and air bottles should be empty with valves open and you should dispose of all flammable liquids. Garden chemicals, paint, cleaning fluids, paint thinners, bleach, fuel, aerosol of any kind should be disposed of.

Prepare a survival kit with all those items you’ll need to have at hand as soon as possible, especially before you have time to unpack and organise everything in your new house. Among the items to include in your survival kit we can mention: kettle, tea and coffee, breakfast requirements, special children’s toys, school needs, bathroom necessities, medications, scissors, tools, toilet paper, your pet’s food and favorite toys or your mobile phone.

Pack all important and private papers such as personal documents, laptop computers, etc in a briefcase and carry them with you on the moving day.

Using port-a-robes makes moving clothes much easier and practical. They are available with a hanging bar so that you can take your clothes from your wardrobe directly to the port-a-robes on their pegs. Shoes and trainers can be placed on the bottom. Needless to say, unpacking and organising your clothes in your new house will be much easier and quicker as well!

Get Measurements For Your New Place

Few things are more stressful than realising that the cherished kitchen table you bought with your husband when you got married is too big for your new kitchen. To avoid that (and having your furniture items all piled up in the entrance because you don’t know where or how to organise them) it is recommended that you get measurements for your new place. Among the advantages of doing this we can mention that it will be easier for you to tell the removalists where you want each furniture item to be placed and your new house will have a cosier appearance quicker.

Following these tips will help you undergo your interstate moving experience in a more relaxed way. Taking responsibility for the process with enough time ahead will allow you to plan and schedule things more easily and to handle any inconvenience that comes up more efficiently. Do your best to start your new life in Melbourne in the best and most positive way.

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