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Moving essentials: How to organise your utilities

by Greg on June 18, 2013

Moving house checklist

There’s so much to think about when moving house, and sorting out your utilities is usually top of the to-do list. Make it easy for yourself with these three simple strategies.

1.     Create a utilities list

Start by taking a good look around your home and identifying all of the utilities that will need to be either disconnected or transferred to your new house. This includes everything from electricity, gas and internet to your home phone and pay television. Property owners will also have to consider water rates, which can be arranged directly through council.

While you’re compiling your list, have a think about which utilities you want to keep or discard when you relocate. Use Energy Australia’s handy online estimator to help you calculate approximate gas and electricity costs at your new home. If you’re moving within the same city you can usually simplify the moving process by keeping the same providers and notifying them about your new address and required connection.

2.     Factor in some lead time

Save yourself the stress of moving day madness and plan to contact service providers a good two weeks before relocating. You’ll also need to know your exact moving dates so you can carefully time your disconnections and connections.

3.     Start contacting providers

Make contact with your existing utility providers to let them know when you’ll be moving and whether you’ll be disconnecting or transferring your account. Also make enquiries about any new utilities you’d like to set up.

When it comes to timing your disconnections, it’s usually wise to book them two days after moving, as this will allow you to complete any cleaning and return for belongings. Apply the same thinking for your new home – booking connections two days before arrival means everything should be in place from day one.

Next up…
Now that you’re on your way to sorting out your utilities, why not draft a list of other pre-moving essentials to organise? Be sure to include removalists (or hiring a moving van and recruiting friends and family to help!), packing boxes and materials, mail re-direction and the big final clean of your former home on the list. Good luck!

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