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Move-in Fixes: 4 Simple Maintenance Tasks to Consider After Settling In

by Greg on June 5, 2017

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As soon as the last box is off the moving truck, home maintenance needs begin. Soon after getting settled into your home, you will notice little things such as a loose doorknob or slow drain. Use these four tips to get your home into shape.

Changing the HVAC Filter

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems typically have an air blower that is attached to the condenser unit or furnace. The air blower has a housing that contains a filter. Each time the air conditioner, heat pump or furnace turns on, air passes through the filter and goes into the vents. The air filter can get clogged with dust, pet hair and other debris. Clean the filter or replace it every three months.

Using a Dumpster for Cleanup

A rental dumpster is a great way to speed up the cleanup when fixing your newly purchased home. Dumpsters, like those available from Green Bin, are available in many sizes, and they can be dropped off at your driveway. You load them up with debris and the service hauls it off to the landfill. A dumpster works well for getting rid of bulky old cabinets, padding and carpeting, trim and more.

Cleaning the Rain Gutters

Obstructed rain gutters force water to go back up your roof, where it can damage the shingles and cause a leak. As soon as you move in, climb a ladder and scoop the debris out of the gutters. Use a garden hose to wash out what remains. Consider investing in a gutter cover or guard system to stop leaves, pine needles, sticks and bird droppings from getting into your gutters.

Unclogging the Drains

The interior drains of your newly bought home may not have been cleaned in a while. Take an hour and pour one-half cup of baking soda and one-half cup of white vinegar into each drain. Plug the drain and allow the mixture to bubble for 30 minutes. Flush each drain with hot water for several minutes. This preventive drain maintenance can be done monthly to protect against clogged drain pipes in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room.

As a homeowner, you will quickly discover that there is always something around the house that needs fixing. Plan to dedicate one weekend day per month to take care of things as they happen. Having this sort of a routine for home maintenance helps to ensure that you will not get too far behind, which could lead to more costly problems later on.

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