Migrants speak up: why property prices will drop if immigration stops.

by Chris Lang on January 24, 2010

Migrant Doctor My dear readers,

I love when you speak to me. It gives me a clue to what you really think about the stuff that I think (and write) about. One of your latest responses was too good not to share, and I decided to dedicate a post to it.

Remember how I asked you “What do you think, will property prices stop if no more overseas IT engineers, doctors or accountants will be allowed in Australia?”

So here is what doctor T. from Germany thinks:

“I guess property prices will stop if no more overseas doctors will be allowed in Australia.

Why ?

No more doctors from overseas to meet the shortage of doctors, not only GP’s but also Specialists like Surgeons, Anaesthetists etc, in the country means not enough doctors for all citizens.

In a kind of “biologic solution” the number of people living in Oz will be reduced. Less people means less potential house buyers and this will result in a decrease of property prices.

You want it faster ? No problem. Send all descendents of the original POM’s back to England and you’ve cleared at least half of the country. 😉

The statement that wealthy immigrants would push property prices reminds me of an Austrian guy who 80 years ago told people in my country that wealthy Jews are responsible for pushing up inflation.

This was absolutely bullshit as well as the idea that wealthy immigrants push up prices in Oz.”

Thank you, Dr. T. for saying something that probably many would agree with – if only they weren’t too shy or too busy to respond.

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bella777 March 9, 2011 at 3:19 am

Oh i totally agree. Australis is becoming very ignorant and selfish and not thinking about the long term affects. Australia is built on a multi cultural society. Should it just exist of poms and europeans? Isnt that what Europe is there for? We have a beautiful country thats stands alone amongst the rest. Lets make it beautiul and exciting not BORING!


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