Making the most of a smaller bathroom

by Greg on March 26, 2016

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The bathroom is one of the hardest rooms when it comes to practicality. When deciding what goes where, there are so many different things to consider, such as space to stand at the sink, enough room for the toilet area, and then there’s the clearance for the shower or bath. With all of these practicalities in mind you then have to fit all of your other items such as towels, toiletries and other miscellaneous items into the room, and if you have little space to start with, this can become quite a challenge. However, there are so many ways in which you can utilise the space you have and really make it work for you and other members of the household.

When you are planning what will go where in your bathroom, the obvious things to consider are the suite and where certain items are placed, as you can’t really move them so you will need to work around them. If you do wish to make any changes to the layout of your bathroom suite, you may want to visit plumber’s merchants, where they can advise you on what will work best for you. Make the most of what you have, simple things such as placing a glass door on the shower will open up the room a little bit more, as having a shower curtain that blocks off the shower visually can make the room look and feel smaller, which isn’t ideal if you feel the room is already small enough. Another really useful item to place in the bathroom is a tall, slim shelving unit. This unit will not only take up little space, as it will stand taller and not take up as much floor space, but it will also offer you a place to hold toiletries, towels and other items that you wish to store away neatly, and still have easy access too.

To ensure you can get the most from your bathroom, whilst still using as little space as possible, you need to consider other items that you need, and how you can get the most out of them. Vanity mirrors/cabinets are another perfect feature. With a vanity cabinet, you have your mirror attached to the outside of the cabinet door, and then on the inside you have additional shelving and storage space that you can use to store extra toiletries, room fragrances and so on. By placing a mirror above your sink, or wherever you wish to place it, you also create an illusion of extra space, as the room is reflected and the mirror will help open up the room and give a larger feel. Other items that always seem to take up extra space are the towel holders. Towels can be a nightmare, they’re always so large and fluffy, but if you place your towel rail on the back of the bathroom door you are then creating extra space in the main part of the bathroom for other items. With the towel rail behind the door, your towels will be positioned neatly, and they also have space to air-dry once used.

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Additional shelving can sometimes be great when you need that little extra from a smaller room. If you placed some shelving units on a clear wall or even at the end of the bath, you have that extra space to store items that you may not feel need to be stored away in a cupboard. Candles, diffusers and bath salts would be great to display on your shelving units. This will add character to the room, as well as help you to create a nice atmosphere and appealing design for your bathroom. It’s always nice to have a little detail, especially if you feel the room lacks character to begin with. Colour and natural lighting are also key things to consider. Your colour scheme needs to be the same, it needs to be reflected throughout the bathroom, you may for example choose to have cream towels, if you have cream walls, this will just tie your bathroom together nicely and create a clean, neat feel which will also enable the room to feel that little bit larger. As far as natural lighting is concerned, you can never have too much natural light. Natural light is great as it enables the room to feel bigger as the light will reflect from the mirror and across the room.


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