Made to Measure Blinds – The Best Option for Windows

by Greg on February 24, 2012

Roller Blinds

The following is an advertorial by Roller Blinds Direct.

When preparing your home for a gathering or inspection it is important to ensure that it looks clean, polished and sleek. Many households will rush out to purchase brand new furniture and decorative features to make the place appear fresh and new, however without careful planning, a home can soon become inconsistent and untidy.

Ensuring that the home is filtering enough natural light throughout is important when it comes to the overall appearance of a room. Windows need to look clean and tidy, with treatments seeming eye catching yet sophisticated.

The majority of people will visit department stores and furniture shops to buy roller blinds in general sizes which state they will fit most size window frames. However, standard roller blinds have the potential to appear untidy and uneven, even letting in unwanted light that seeps through the thin material and flows through the gaps at both sides of the window. Due to the general measurements of such blinds, and the fact that they are generally too long for a window, they can create a frumpy and untidy look that will be both noticeable and unattractive to visitors.

Made to measure roller blinds don’t just look more appealing, they are also energy efficient and made from more exotic materials. This creates a much better visual appeal. Plus, custom made blinds come in a much bigger variety of colours, styles and designs, meaning finding the right window treatment to suit a room is even easier. These blinds will help to give windows a special accent that general blinds fail to achieve.

Although made to measure blinds are, generally, more expensive than standard designs, the benefits that the owner will get from them cannot be ignored. It is important to keep the temperature controlled within the home and blinds can help do this, as well as being incredibly energy efficient. As cold air seeps through the window pane, a perfectly measured blind will trap the air, keeping the room cosy and comfortable. On the other hand, as heaters and radiators warm up an area within the house, the blinds will prevent it from escaping to the outside, thus saving money on heating and power bills.

Roller blinds can be the perfect finish to a room, however accuracy is essential. Although made to measure blinds may be a little more expensive, they are most definitely worth the investment, with many retailers delivering them within two days of ordering.

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