Live house auction – have a look

by Chris Lang on March 1, 2008

Many people have told me they find auctions stressing and intimidating. But let’s face it – more houses are sold now on auctions compared to private sales, so limiting yourself and passing on auctioned properties just because you are scared of the process is not a good idea.

What I have found is the more you go to auctions, the more you get used to them – the less they frighten you. Of course, it takes time but I think it’s time well spent. This is also a great way to get a “feel” what is the price range of your target suburb.

But anyway, if you are too busy to come to an auction – it can come to you. Here is a short video where I filmed a house being sold on auction. In the first part of that auction it looks as if one bidder has already won …

But watch out for unexpected turn – in the second part.

See what I mean?

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