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by Chris Lang on March 31, 2013

Vote for Homeiown in the Best Australian Blogs competition

Dear Readers,

So far our relationship was sort of one-sided, don’t you think? We write articles, put them out there for everyone to enjoy, and don’t ask for anything in return. Don’t get me wrong – this is absolutely fine, we are happy to be here. We exist to keep you updated, to get the latest property news out to you, to uncover all the pitfalls you want to watch out for, and to deliver the best tricks so you could buy, sell or rent houses and get the best results.

But, very rarely, we DO need something from you. Not in materialistic terms – but in terms of your support for our hard work. See, the thing is – we care a great deal about Homeiown, and it is important to us that you do, too.

So here is the deal – since we are very proud of, and what it has become over the years, we entered the Best Australian Blogs 2013 Competition. We think that Homeiown is special, unique, and much loved, and with your support we believe we can win!

Vote for HomeiOwn – click here

How to vote: when you land on the voting page, click on Next to get to the list of all competing blogs, and then click Next again – to get to the second page, where Homeiown is listed. Tick our name, then click Next a few times till you get to the end of the list, enter your name and email address, click Next and – very important – click Done for your vote to count.

Thank you for your support – we count on your vote!

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