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Keeping Your Garden Green With A Well Pump

by Greg on September 8, 2017

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I always dreamt of having a beautiful garden area in my home. Now that my dream is coming true, I was doing some background research about the irrigation for the garden. That is when I came across creating an organic garden be an easy task if we use a good pump. Now you might be thinking why I am so specific about an organic garden? That is because an organic touch to your garden is always an add-on. You can grow some simple vegetables, leaves using organic method for healthy living.

Pumps can serve a multi purpose in your garden, starting from filling the pool, cleaning the repurposed old furniture’s in your garden to water all the plants while reducing your physical involvement. In other words, they simply serve the purpose of moving a large amount of water with relatively little efforts.

There are many factors you need to consider before purchasing a garden pump. I have gathered all the research I did before buying a pump for your further reading.

There is a huge variety of these pumps available in the market, and also it is a complex task to install them. The two main factors you will have to consider before deciding on the pump are:

  • The depth of groundwater in your garden.
  • The area of your yard.

You can easily simplify the task in hand by getting a handle on the following criteria.

A submersible Pump should be Your Priority!

Submersible Pump
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The top most choice among the pumps available for your garden is a submersible pump. The water drawn by using the pump can be used for various tasks. The important applications are transferring the water to clean your veranda around the garden area and also to water the lawn area.

One thing you need to keep in mind while purchasing this pump is that your motor must be capable of supplying sufficient power to do the required work.

For instance, you will require 800 watts labeled pump to exert the pressure required for a discharge head of about 150 feet. If your motor is very small, it will lead to a lot of disruptions.

Relying on the Technical Data

technician checking out water pump

The next specification to look for in a submersible pump is its capacity. In general, the ideal choice pump is expected to have a capacity anywhere between 250 to 1,500 gallons per hour. This power range is well suited for most lawn tasks and lawn sizes.

A system that works at its maximum capacity in early spring will not work at the same efficiency during the relatively warmer part of the year. Therefore you must note this point and plan your purchase accordingly.

Some pumps can handle as little as 25 gallons per hour that will be a perfect fit if you have a small garden. You just have to verify if the discharge head of these pumps will work fine for your garden. Another advantage of purchasing a comparatively smaller pump is that they are comparatively cheaper.

Next is the Centrifugal Pumps!

Centrifugal Pump
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Centrifugal pump is the next type of the garden pumps that I want to introduce to you all. Centrifugal force is the main acting force behind the working mechanism of these pumps. The capacity of these pumps can be as large as 5,000 gallons of water every hour. You can choose from the wide range of variations available according to your garden’s need.

An important feature to look for in a centrifugal pump is a removable cover. This cover will allow you to clean the wastes from it easily. The sturdy cast steel used for the body of the pump assures extra stability and a longer life span.

Last but not the Least: Drum Pumps

Drum Pump
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The next variation that I recommend in a garden pump is the barrel pump, which is known as a drum pump. The name barrel pump is associated because it is well suited to empty a rain barrel container. In case, you want to assured of complete clearance of water from a barrel; this one is the best choice for you.

The discharge head rating of these pumps is significantly lower than the other types. But they have sufficient capacity for most of the backyard gardens. Many manufacturers have come up with the concept of customized pumps. You can easily get your hands on them.

Like an ATV sprayer and most of other gardening equipment, there is a wide range of pumps available in the market. Just like me, you will also get into a very confusing situation. That’s why I thought of presenting this article to you. I have tried to sum up the crucial points that need to be checked for choosing the right pump. Hope it has been helpful to make the task in hand an easier one.


Emily Taylor

Emily Taylor has a huge passion for gardening with the urge to know and control every little thing that happens inside her house. When she isn’t glued to her backyard or caring for the house, she spends time writing her blog hoping to share her tips and stories to people who want to transform their house into a real paradise. You can reach her at [email protected] or on Twitter at @Emily_Taylor9.

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