It’s official: you are reading the Best Blog in Real Estate Industry

by Chris Lang on May 6, 2009 is the best in Real Estate and Development Industry blogFinally, there is an award to back up what I was thinking all along!

Just kidding.

I was hoping we’d win and when Chapeau announced Homeiown the Best Blog of 2009 in Real Estate and Development Industry, for a moment, I couldn’t believe it. And then I felt a lot of things all at once:

  • Happy, because my work is appreciated
  • Grateful to YOU for choosing me
  • Motivated to keep up the good work
  • Contented. No idea why. is the best in Real Estate and Development Industry blogI couldn’t do it on my own – but you, my readers, my subscribers, my fellow bloggers, all of you helped me. You are reading my stuff, you are sharing your thoughts, you are inspiring me to work harder and get better. There is no paycheque other than your appreciation – and to me it’s enough.

So thank y’all and have a beautiful glorious day – I know I will!

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