Interior Painting Ideas for Autumn: Give your Home a Touch of Nature

by Greg on June 26, 2019

autumn red maple leaf

In a literary sense, autumn is the season of renascence, a season of fall and growth. We are reminded of the inevitable cycle of life, mirrored in nature. So if you have to think allegorically, autumn is probably the most appropriate time of the year to add a different colour narrative to your interior walls!
aumtun interior painting ideas

Get inspired by our list of exclusive interior painting ideas for autumn and give your interior a seasonal rejoice!

The Autumn Foliage Phenomenon

aumtun foliage

Fading summer with the gleam of spring-autumn is the season of zestful colours. In this season, many green deciduous trees and shrubs are flickered by various citrus shades of yellow, orange, red, brown, pink, magenta and brown. These warm shades are commonly known as autumn colours.
To give your interior walls the essence of autumn, go for the rich citrus tones of nature. Rich accent tones go perfectly with the arrival of the season of autumn.


Turquoise is the most tranquil shade of slightly blue and emerald that goes with any season, especially with autumn. The soft and subdued tone can easily invoke a sense of nostalgia and calmness in your house, just like the sky in an early evening of fall!
You can consider your rest of the décor to be vibrant and full of colours against this neutral tone of turquoise which will serve an illustrative storyline of autumn in your interior.

Butternut Gold

With a slight brass accent, butternut gold is an enthralling choice of interior painting in this autumn. The trick is to pair the butternut gold colour with off-with warmed accent tones or grey undertones like ash which, ivory or chamois. Give the glided accessories of your room a bit of golden touch as a perfect colour companion of your interior a golden elegance- which perfectly fits for both traditional and contemporary house setting.

Pumpkin Orange

aumtun pumpkin orange color

For your interior, orange is a fun citrus colour that goes perfectly with earthly colours like taupe, mocha or grey. By adding the shades of orange, you can create an intimate focal point of your living room. Pick a particular area of your room you want to highlight by painting it pumpkin orange, with a touch of orange sprinkles on the rest of the furnishing.

The Quintessence of Autumn in Decoration

To complement your autumn inspired interior paints, consider refurbishing your décor or adding some tropical essence everywhere. The following decoration ideas won’t just enliven the subjectivity of your interior but also will change the structural monotone in the most versatile ways possible!

Bits of Nature

The most iconic autumn décor must be the ones with incorporated pumpkins! Pumpkins that come with different sizes and shapes are some of the great natural accessories to bring a warm- welcoming feeling of autumn throughout the house.

Sunny Yellow

aumtun sunny yellow color

The tints of yellow are like a splash of autumnal colour that evokes a promise of a new summer. For your interior, yellow is undeniably a bold and buoyant choice! In modern house setting, yellow makes an eye-catching statement.
To make your house visually enlivened, go for the accent colours like butterscotch, daffodil, honey, sugar cookie, lemon etc.

Autumnal Aroma

Don’t forget to bring the refreshing fragrance of nature in your interior; there’s nothing quite like a warmly aromatic room to feel cozy on a lazy day of autumn. Natural scents like apple cider, cinnamon, pumpkin spice are some great autumn inspired options. You can easily store them in cute mason jars or crystal pots anywhere in your rooms enhance freshness and a sense of rejoicing.

Lime and Pistachio Green Hues

lime and pistachio green color hues

The subtlety of lime and pistachio blends perfectly with any room interior and furniture. From a simple contemporary decoration scheme to vintage aesthetics- these shades of green complement any interior orientation. The refreshing, spirit-elevating neutral shades of green will make your room larger as well!

Soft Furnishing

Introduce autumnal colour palettes to your floor rugs, cushions, curtains, table runners etc. Pops of bold yellow or orange in contrast with the neutral wall colours gives the room a perfect balance of seasonal colours without overwhelming it. If you’re a devotee of Vincent Van Gogh, bring the autumn in your house with Van Gogh inspired soft furnishing!

Crimson Red

Crimson Red color

There is one shade of colour you probably wanted to paint your interior with, but never sure if it was a wise choice to do so. The deep and bold shade of red, crimson red evokes the dynamic essence of autumn. Whether your interior decorative style is traditional, contemporary, conventional or rustic, crimson red on your walls can make a statement of your living room against a less chromatic background.

If you want to join in the seasonal festivity of colours and bring that vibe into your interior – this autumn is inevitably the right time to consider. Once you decide to choose your preferred colour palettes and decoration schemes, you are only left with handing over the interior painting responsibility to a reliable professional painting service.


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