Interesting Facts: Top Aussie States for Migrants

by Chris Lang on September 8, 2011

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Australia has been welcoming more and more overseas migrants over the years. People from many countries (especially from the UK, New Zealand, China and India) are choosing to move here and call Australia their new home.

It is interesting that in the recent decade there were fewer newcomers from the UK, the traditional source of migrants for Australia, and more people from New Zealand, China and India.

Migrating to another country is a bald move, which involves many difficult decisions. One of them is obviously the choice of country to move to. You would think that once that decision has been made, things will get easier – but … even though you’ve decided on a country, the next question still remains open – which state and city should I choose?

According to the ABS data, out of 215,600 people who came to Australia in 2009-2010, the largest proportion decided to make New South Wales their home (66,000). The second favorite state was Victoria (chosen by 60,400 migrants) and Queensland was the third (39,700 migrants).

But will the locals agree with migrants’ choice? Not necessarily! Australians who migrate interstate like Queensland best. Over 10 years to June 2010 Queensland gained 25,900 new residents, followed by Western Australia and Tasmania (1600 and 160 new residents respectively)

It’s worth noting that international students that come to Australia on student visas are different from workers – they like Victoria better than New South Wales. In 2008-2009 the number of new international students who have chosen to study in Victoria was 43,600, followed by 40,400 in New South Wales and 18,300 in Queensland.

If you’ve been following Home I Own for a while, you know all about (and hopefully forgive) my fascination with facts and statistics. However, the facts above are missing one critical component – the reasons why. They tell us where people prefer to move, but don’t explain why. I remember that my personal choice of a place to live in Australia was influenced by two main factors – the climate and the cost of living.

If you have migrated to Australia – what state and city did you choose, and why? If you are thinking about migrating – where would you like to live, and what influenced your decision?

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