Inspection checklist #1 for home buyers

by Chris Lang on March 18, 2009

Inspection checklist for first home buyersIf you’re anything like me, you will inspect properties you are seriously considering more than once, and for a very god reason. First inspection can give you just one thing: a first impression. First impression is usually a very strong one and in most cases I had one of the following 3 feelings:

1. Good – I love this house, I’d like to move in today
2. Neutral – I may consider this property
3. Bad – No way, I’m not living here

Inspecting houses is different for investors and first home buyers. Investors are more experienced and therefore can spot things (even on a first inspection) that are literally invisible for most first home buyers. Another thing is that they don’t have to like the house they are buying because they won’t be living there anyway. Having said that let me explain my approach to inspecting for first home buyers.

There is no way you can thoroughly inspect the house when you come to the first inspection. Even if you could, I’d say it would be inefficient. Why bother inspecting a house you might not even like? This means we need to inspect a house we like at least twice: the first impression is established on the first inspection, if it’s a positive one then on the second inspection you should use a full checklist and pay attention to all the details.

So I’d say that on your first inspection you can manage to look at the 10 following things and then decide whether that house is worth another look:

  • House type – house / townhouse / unit
  • Construction type – double brick / brick veneer / weatherboard
  • Ceiling height – low / high
  • Number and sizes of the rooms – bedrooms / family rooms / living areas, en-suite / built-in robes
  • Number and sizes of bathrooms – big / small, shower / bath
  • Kitchen size and looks – big / small, new / old
  • Entertaining area – yes / no, covered / not covered
  • Established garden – front / back, yes / no
  • Garage/carport – yes / no
  • Paved driveway – yes / no

I’ve made a nice 10 item checklist for you to print and take to inspections. Enter your name and email in the boxes below and I will send it to you.

I hope you find your home this weekend!

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