Increasing Your Home Value with Smart Technology – infographic

by Greg on July 20, 2020

Smart tech infographic

Smart home devices have made headlines in recent years because of their positive impact on homeowners lives, low price points and easy installations. But did you know that adding in these devices can do more than just make your life easier? Smart home devices can actually save you a lot of money, and even make you money too by increasing your home value should you decide to rent or sell your property down the line.

Consumers aren’t the only ones who know the true value of smart homes. Most home insurance companies have begun to offer rebates, discounts, waived installation fees and even decreased premiums for customers who plan to implement these products into their homes. These discounts are in direct response to the purpose of these devices, as many are programmed to alert homeowners to minor issues before they get bigger. For example, products like water leak detectors and remote gas monitoring systems track minor leaks and fluctuating pressure, allowing homeowners to remotely shut off their service until they can get a repair. This is a game changer in the home safety space, as homeowners can save thousands of dollars in major rebuilding costs by catching a small leak before it gets to be disastrous.

Other smart home devices function mainly to help give homeowners more peace of mind and control over their property. Smart cameras, remote controlled locks and even video doorbells are all connected straight to your smartphone. This allows for easy monitoring of your home and surrounding area, and it can even send you an alert when you get a package or someone unlocks the front door.

If you are planning to sell or rent your home out to others in the near future, know that smart homes are in huge demand. Many potential buyers will jump at the chance to purchase a home already equipped with the latest technology, so that they don’t have to install it themselves. And usually, they are willing to pay even more for your home because of it, meaning you can rake in major dollars by quickly installing a few inexpensive devices throughout your home.

Interested in learning more about what smart home systems have to offer you and your family? The team of home experts over at Hippo put together a great infographic below on raising your home value with smart tech. Take a look at the graphic below and let us know what devices you plan to implement into your home!

smart technology infographic

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