Improve the security of your home with a locksmith

by Chris Lang on May 29, 2014

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You may be pleasantly surprised if you were to sit down with your partner and calculate the value of all the items in your home. By the time you have added up the value of your computer equipment, flat screen TV, antique paintings, jewellery, designer clothes and other valuables, they could come to tens of thousands of dollars or even a six figure sum.

Therefore, while you may believe your home will never be broken into, there is absolutely no guarantee that this will not happen. Surely, it is important that everything is done to deter the potential burglar from gaining access to the property. However, if they do, there are also systems in place to hopefully aid their detection and capture.

You may have your own ideas as to how best to improve the security at your home but calling in the services of an expert who can make an assessment of just how secure your home is may be a better option.

When you call in the locksmith, they will make a thorough inspection of your property including the front and backyard then providing a detailed written report of areas where you can improve the security of your property. For instance, you would undoubtedly benefit from a CCTV system that records the movements of everyone approaching your front door but it would also be sensible to have your back door covered in this way as well.

You may have just moved into the property, so the locksmith may suggest you seriously consider having the locks replaced with new ones. This is because the previous owners may have issued keys to the likes of their cleaner or gardener whom you have no contact with.

Your locksmith may also suggest adding window locks to both the downstairs and upstairs windows. You will be surprised just how many burglars gain access to a property through a home’s windows.

Of course, when checking all the locks and fitting new ones, when appropriate, your locksmith will make sure that they comply with your insurance companies requirements as well.

Of paramount importance is that you have an alarm system installed so that if someone either tries to break in or has managed to gain entry, the alarm will go off and the alarm company and the local police will be notified so they can respond quickly and hopefully catch the intruder.

Although you may well have CCTV monitoring your front door, it is also important you have a chain attached to the inside of your front door so that, when you do open it following a knock on the door, a burglar cannot force an entry as easily. This will provide your family with extra peace of mind.

So, as you can see, a locksmith can provide recommendations about the security of your home that will provide peace of mind for both you and your family. You may even be able to get a reduction in your home insurance premiums as a result of having all these security features.


Jennifer Lewis

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Brian May 29, 2014 at 9:19 pm

It’s worth remembering its not just locks

Make sure the door is up to it, particularly back doors. I can’t understand why so many back doors are really lightweight, and why do they have those silly windows in them? (see


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