How You Can Create The Ideal Outdoor Living Space

by Greg on November 29, 2019

ideal outdoor living space

When it comes to creating the perfect outdoor living space, size does not have to be an issue. Whether you have a sprawling backyard or a tiny patio area to work with, you can turn it into a spot that you and your loved ones will cherish.

From picking the right colors to installing a residential misting system for ultimate comfort, these tips will help you realize the outdoor living space of your dreams.

Choose an outdoor color palette and stick to it.

Every element in your outdoor living space – from cushions to shade of flooring – contributes to the palette and overall ambiance. If you want a tranquil and peaceful oasis, use soft and muted colors to promote calm and relaxation. However, if it’s a laid-back-party-vibe you’re going for, consider a more refreshing palette and incorporate pops of color here and there.

outdoor living space

When deciding which furnishings and materials to use, don’t just throw pieces in at random! Take some time to coordinate everything and make sure that they blend and flow well together.

Use plants and greenery to brighten things up.

Most homes make use of garden beds and potted plants, but if you want to go all out, you can incorporate greenery of different types and in different ways.

Why don’t you try threading a trellis with blooming vines or brighten up a wall with an entire vertical garden? These unique additions will surely make the area more interesting!

Be sure to keep the space cool enough for summers.

You’ll want an outdoor living space that you can use even when the temperatures start to soar.

outdoor living space

Consider adding different sources of shade at specific spots. Make use of awnings, blinds, giant umbrellas, or even a large, leafy tree to protect you from the sun’s heat. You can also take the comfort level up a notch by installing a misting system to keep your living space cool and refreshing even in the height of summer!

But don’t forget warming features for winter.

Just because its cold outside does not mean that you have to spend all your time holed up indoors. Patio heaters, fire bowls and pits, or an outdoor fireplace are some of the more popular outdoor heating solutions that should allow you to use your outdoor living space all year round.

Plus, they’re not only functional; they make for attractive centerpieces and outdoor focal points as well! Imagine warming up your hands or toasting marshmallows over a fire during winter. Such a picturesque thought, isn’t it?

Make it your own.

Even with all these great ideas for creating the perfect outdoor area, what remains as the most important aspect here is YOU. Turn the space into a reflection of yourself and what you love. No idea is too crazy or over the top as long as it makes you feel good and comfortable.

Above all else, your outdoor living space should be somewhere you feel most in-tune with yourself – a place you’d love to be and spend time in.

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