How to save time applying for rental properties

by Chris Lang on August 10, 2010

Waiting for inspection I’ve been there myself and heard this from many people – applying for rental properties can be very time consuming. First, you are spending a lot of time selecting the properties that you’d like to apply for, then there are inspections to attend, application forms to fill and tons of supporting paperwork to submit, to prove that you will be a reliable tenant.

While it’s not easy to save the time on searching for the right rental home, and there’s no skipping the inspections (because it’s illegal), still a lot of time can be salvaged by simply being organized and prepared.

I wrote an article for the LifeStyle Channel with some suggestions for smart renters, who don’t mind gathering some details in advance and doing some photocopying. The returns on this little amount of preparation are great – less trips to real estate agencies, less phone calls, less money spent and more free time to do things you really enjoy doing.

Go here to read my Quick Ways To Apply For Rental Properties.

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Buy Property August 24, 2010 at 6:32 pm

When your about to rent a property it is relevant to make some research where you plan to rent. Location is the first factor to consider then next is the price.


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