How to Get Your Garage Door Repaired

by Greg on May 15, 2018

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Garage doors may be one of the most important parts of your home or business. They can protect vehicles and property from theft and damage as well as add aesthetic appeal to your property.

However, as one of the major entries to your home, a broken garage door is both an inconvenience and threat to security.

Whether damaged via vehicle collision, rough weather or vandalism, dented or warped garage doors don’t just look bad, they can also put pressure on parts such as the motor, springs and tracks.

Garage door repair and regular maintenance will ensure trouble free operation while minimizing the likelihood of expensive repair or replacement. But how do you find a professional garage door repair company to assist?

Finding a Trusted Repairer

The first step is to ask family and friends who they recommend. You can also Google for technicians in your area.

Next, research those recommendations online and check for any posted reviews or complaints.

Other things to consider include:

  • Whether the company is licensed
  • What services they offer
  • If they have trained, in-house staff
  • If they offer a quote in advance
  • Whether they offer an additional warranty on their services
  • If they repair all types of garage doors
  • Whether they are fully insured

Ask to see any licenses or guarantees, for added peace of mind.

Assessing the Damage

Common garage door issues include:

  • A broken motor,
  • Loud sounds coming from the unit,
  • Broken springs, cables or hinges
  • Broken or dented roller door.

The cost of your repair quote will vary depending on the size and nature of the damage. Get an on-site damage assessment. Do some additional research beforehand for an idea of the costs to determine whether you’ve been quoted a fair price.

Remember to check with the repair company about whether the quote provided includes labour, or only the cost of replacement parts. If they have a warranty attached to their services, check the terms and conditions to find out how and when you’ll be able to claim.

You can also ask for a ‘service agreement’ which is a written contract between you and the repairer, which formally outlines the responsibilities of both parties. Most repairers will have experience providing this contract, as it protects them as well as yourself.

Claiming Insurance Cover

For insurance purposes, garage doors are considered part of your property’s structure. This means your property insurance policy may cover the damage to your garage door (depending on the circumstances). Check your policy and disclosure statement for your coverage details.

To make an insurance claim:

1. Contact your insurance provider and explain the situation.
2. Choose from the list of insurance preferred repairers and get a quote for the assessed damage.
3. Give the quote and assessment details to your insurance provider.
4. The repair company will then work with your insurance company to fix or replace the garage door.

Quick Fixes for Common Issues

Keep in mind these quick fixes to common issues to prevent unnecessary damage to your garage door.

  • If the power goes out and you need to open your garage door, don’t force it open. Garage doors are equipped with a manual override cord – you’ll see it dangling down from the tracks. Pulling on it will temporarily free your door, allowing it to open when pushed up from the ground.
  • Most garage doors also have a locking system, which are the two horizontal bars on the back of the door. These bars might shift out of position over time and stop working. If this happens, you can unscrew and reposition the brackets on the side of the door to align them again.

Checking and maintaining your garage door will ensure a long operating life, but for any major repairs, give the experts a call.


Daniel Defendi

This piece was written by Daniel Defendi, who recommends Pinnacle Garage Doors in Perth – the specialists in garage door repairs. You can catch Daniel on LinkedIn to discuss this piece.

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