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by Chris Lang on October 5, 2011

We all love our homes, and want them to be cosy, comfy, and good looking. Some people are lucky enough to buy a house that doesn’t need any work – simply move in, sit back, relax and enjoy. Others – the vast majority, I’d say – buy houses that need some TLC (Tender Loving Care). In other words – they need renovations.

I live in an old house, and it’s got the charm of a different era. Yet along with that it’s got an old, ugly bathroom that I absolutely despise. I’d love to get rid of it one day – but something tells me that it may be pretty expensive, so haven’t done anything about it yet. It wouldn’t surprise me if I found a few more people in the audience who don’t really like (or really dislike!) their bathrooms, kitchens, or bedrooms.

So how do you find out what such reno project is going to cost you?

In the old days you’d get your phonebook out and begin ringing businesses listed under “plumbing”, “painting”, etc to get some quotes. In the not-so-old days you’d google “plumbing”, “painting”, etc and get some quotes through the websites that come up in search. But if you’re time-poor, haven’t got a lot of patience, or like to be super-effective (and save money through that) , there’s a better way to get businesses compete for your renovation job – and it’s called is a company that in just a few clicks connects you with 40,000 businesses. You simply get quotes by telling them what you need done, businesses send you quotes and prices, and you choose what’s best for you. Less chance for you to overpay, and almost no chance for you to get ripped off. All you have to do is fill a simple form online.

But sometimes you’d like to know the price range before contacting a business – well, they thought about that, too. Using the massive amount of data from real quotes that went through (more than 250,000 quotes!) they built some very useful home renovation calculators that allow you to get an estimate for any reno job you have in mind. Give them a go by trying out their renovation cost calculators, and you will see how easy to use they are. In a matter of seconds you get an idea about the cheapest, the average and the most expensive price you could pay. The data is location-specific, so you won’t get Sydney’s prices in Melbourne; you’ll get the prices you’re likely to pay in your area, your suburb.

To give you some background on the company, they’ve been around since 2007, and in those 4 years customers listed more than $300 million in projects with Due to smart use of technology they’ve handled quotes from over 250,000 customers with just 9 staff members. is quickly becoming quite popular and soon, I suspect, we won’t be able to remember how we’d go about a reno project without them 🙂

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