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How to decorate your Pergola for Christmas?

by Greg on December 27, 2016

decorate pergola for christmas

The long awaited festival Christmas is the most exciting time of the year. But we seem to have fallen short of ideas on how to decorate our outdoors and homes, either that or we commonly resolve to what we have been doing from of old.

However, this year doesn’t have to be the same! I mean there’s a whole lot more you can do, instead of sticking to the usual colour schemes there’s a lot more you could actually try out say for example, how about adding a pergola to the outdoors of your home to give it an altogether new Christmas feel!


Have you thought about a Pergola?

If you don’t already have one now is the best time to construct one. With the help of few vertical posts or pillars that usually support cross-beams and a sturdy open lattice, often upon which woody vines are trained and curved around.

You could play around with the materials and opt for wood or steel, depending on whether you want a modern or contemporary look.

Did you know a Pergola works wonders for Christmas décor?

While lighting up your Christmas décor is like a cherry to top the icing can you imagine how grand a lit up pergola looks like!

Lighting can give that fantastic effect to your house /home or pergola and truly set you and your guests in the festive mood.

Illuminate to create that Christmassy feel!

A garland of light will give the outdoors of your residence a festive Modern /Ancient look and make your colorbond pergola look like something straight out of a magazine.


To illuminate your steel structure and curved frames, give it a variation of different types and colours. Make use of bulbs to skillfully use it to your advantage and set off a design and give it a picturesque effect.

  • Classic clear bulbs

Nothing spells out beauty the way classic light bulbs do! Inexpensive in general, they can be used all over your house and pergola giving it a warm and inviting glow.

Illumination of such bulbs always looks very stylish and gives a stunning effect, but again requires a lot of electricity.

  • Classic colourful bulbs

While these bulbs too consume a lot of electricity, they give an impressive and bright effect while also adding that enticing vibrancy that so many of us prefer.

  • White LED lights

Nowadays LED light are more in use as they consume less electricity and also are far brighter.

Hence, these work exceedingly well for the outdoors and to light up pergolas. What’s more they also well to give your Christmas decorations the well-earned attention they demand.

  • Colourful LED lights

To make it more colourful and lively you can entwine the garlands to give your house or pergola a colorband effect by combining two contrasting colours giving your pergola a better effect.

Colourful LED lights also are perfect for you to incorporate the colours of the season within your outdoor space.

  • Christmas Icicle lights

You can replace simple bulbs with Icicle lights. Hanging icicle garlands on the roofline of your pergola giving it a festive Christmas look even though Melbourne’s weather conditions are far from the Christmas climate.

Upgrade your BBQ

Your barbeque doesn’t have to really be a simple basic one. Use Christmas as the reason to spice things up. While you host your Christmas parties under the pergola and a barbeque or fire pit are just about the perfect way to host your guests.


Here are some additions you could make:

A foldaway grill is as slim as your laptop. Easily transported to your destination and can easily be set up without much difficulty.

Pizza stone gives you that crispy pizza crust with a whiff of wood fire flavour.

Steam Cleaner is an aluminum alloy grill brush to loosen burnt, drippings from the grates of your grill. And does not leave your house or pergola with the roasted smell.

The battery-operated grill is portable and heats up in three to four minutes, small enough to set on your picnic counter it can also be used in your house with proper ventilation.

Bendy Skewers

These bendy cable-style skewers allow you to curl their extra-long length to allow you to place them in a bowl or bag of marinade.

Hot Dog Cutter

Hot dog lovers will like this as this allows you to cut even spirals into your hot dogs. Thus cooking evenly, perfect browning, and creates grooves to hold mega toppings.

Meatball Basket

Use this handy non-stick meatball basket to come up with great appetizers for your party.

S’more Maker

Help you to make gooey s’mores over your grill. It has a basket that holds your graham crackers, marshmallow, and chocolate treats. This maker includes a blaster for infusing marshmallows with fillings to amp up the fun.

Build some outdoor furniture

While building furniture for the pergola it’s very important to consider the area and then size your furniture make small wooden benches or coenwe tables, or cane furniture like a couch and put throw cushions to brighten up the place, this will ensure that the furniture compliments the pergola to perfection.

Use Christmas ornaments

Once you have a colour scheme in mind using just two or three colours create the Christmas mood by hanging Christmas ornaments from the pergola pillars, twirling the curtains and curved pillars of the pergolas pillars with ferns, tinsel or baubles to give it an attractive finish.

Christmas tree in your pergola nothing is as good as having a small or big artificial or live Christmas tree decorated in the pergola!

With this eco-friendly addition you’re bound to bring on a little extra Christmas cheer.


Darren Wallis

Darren Wallis is one of the finest experts for stratco outback pergolas and steel pergolas designs in Melbourne. With fresh designs and premium-quality materials, Modern solutions offer you an elaborate way of doing up your residential premises.

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