How to Create A Cozy and Comfortable Outdoor Living Space

by Greg on July 15, 2020

outdoor living space

Every homeowner dreams of having a stylish and comfortable outdoor living space that they can use even when the seasons change. Just the thought of having a nice, cozy spot to relax during the summer or sip hot chocolate in the winter already makes you feel good, doesn’t it?

Well, guess what? As long as you have some outdoor space at home, you can turn this dream into reality. From picking the right colors to possibly installing a residential misting system, here are a few tips on how to create a cozy and comfortable outdoor living space.

1. Start by framing the area.

Enclosed spaces often feel cozier than open ones. Framing a section of your outdoor area using plants, railings, latticework, columns, or curtains create the illusion of being contained while defining the space and giving it texture.

Another way to frame your patio is by adding a pergola. Wooden pergolas are sold off the peg, or you can have one built to your specifications. When the kiosk is done, grow hanging plants around it to create a leafy canopy where you can sit in the shade for hours during the warmer months of the year.

2. Work with a specific color palette.

One should never underestimate the role of color in building a cozy outdoor living space. We all have different tastes in colors – some like wild and exciting shades, while others fancy muted and neutral tones. Whatever your preference may be, you’ll want to plan your color palette well to evoke a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing vibe.

Every little item you add to your outdoor living space contributes to the ambiance, so take some time to coordinate the pieces to make sure that they blend and complement each other well. Merely throwing random stuff here and there can make the area feel messy and crowded.

3. Add comfy furniture.

Outdoor living spaces serve plenty of purposes. It’s where many of us relax after a long and busy day at work or spend time with friends and family on weekends and special occasions. That said, you have to make sure that it’s as comfortable as it can be.

Even the most well-designed patio would look uninviting without comfy outdoor furniture. While metal and plastic chairs serve their purpose to an extent, they’re not the most relaxing seating options, are they? If you can afford it, splurge on quality outdoor sofas, sectionals, loungers, or ottomans. Plush and cushiony seating pieces will elevate the look and feel any outdoor living space!

4. Throw in rugs, blankets, and pillows.

When you’re done deciding on the best outdoor seating pieces, think of ways to keep your outdoor living area cozy even way after the sunsets. Two of the most common and popular options are pillows and blankets because they serve both functional and decorative uses.

If you’ve already got the pillows and the blankets covered, then why not throw in a rug here and there, too? Rugs help add warmth to cold nights, plus, they feel awesome on the feet!

5. Light up the space.

Floodlights aren’t very pleasing to the eye, and they could easily ruin the mood for late-night outdoor gatherings. With the right lighting, your outdoor living space can look magical and even more beautiful.

You have plenty of options to choose from, as far as lighting fixtures go. Garden and umbrella lights are excellent for setting up a chill and relaxed atmosphere, while fairy lights and tealight lanterns can turn any space into a fantasy. Of course, if you’re aiming for a more romantic evening, you can always use candles.

6. Invest in heating and cooling fixtures.

The perfect outdoor living space is one that transcends the changing of the seasons. You’ll want a patio that you can use when the temperature starts to soar in the summer and after it drops in the winter.

Adding awnings, blinds, and large umbrellas to your outdoor area is a great way to prepare for the warmer months ahead. You can also take things up a notch by installing a misting system for optimum comfort.

For the winter season, just about anything that gives off heat will do. Heaters, fireplaces, chimeneas, and fire bowls and pits will not only keep you warm; they add a magical glow to the space, too!

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