How to Buy Furniture for a Small Apartment

by Greg on March 12, 2012

Furniture for small spaces

Every square inch matters when one lives in a small apartment. This is why buying furniture for small spaces can be very difficult. You have to be thoughtful about space, purpose and need for the furniture you buy. Therefore, you have to look for furniture that is versatile, functional and stylish.

Buying large furniture for small apartments is not a smart move. Here are some important tips when buying furniture for a small apartment:

1. Very important first step: you must decide what kind of furniture do you want and what do you absolutely need. Chances are that you will have a gap between what you Want and what you actually Need. Just going ahead and buying the stuff that you want is not a good idea – try to find the best compromise leaning towards the things that you need by using the following tips.

2. Measure it: before you buy furniture, measure the spaces where you want to place each piece. When you get to the shop, measure the furniture before to see that it matches.

3. Go for Versatility: you should choose furniture that can serve more than a single purpose. For example, a wooden ironing table with cabinets under it can have several uses. You can store bedding and ironed clothes in the same place. Similarly, in the kitchen you can get a kitchen cart with hidden storage.

4. Buy Tall Furniture rather than broad: it ensures that the apartment has enough space to move around conveniently. At the same time, it beautifies the area and creates a feeling of space.

5. Utilise Wall and Ceiling Space: get furniture you can fix to the walls and shelves. This will maximise the space and reduce clutter. Floor space is very important for small apartments. You can keep books, decorations and other valuable things safely out of reach.

6. Get Stackable Furniture: nested tables and stackable chairs are very good for small apartments. At the same time, they are versatile and great for interior design.

7. Get Retractable Furniture: furniture that can be folded up is splendid. It can be packed into tiny spaces and is very flexible. For example, retractable tables and chairs can be put into closets when they are not in use saving valuable space.

8. Avoid Stands and Lamps: utilising ceilings and walls for light fixtures is important. Avoid going for standing lamps and fans as they would be a waste of your precious space.

9. Style and Colour Matters: the latest trend is to get modern furniture. It makes the house look attractive and sophisticated.

10. Budget it: make sure you buy furniture that is within your budget. Small and classy is often expensive. However, there are affordable pieces as well, so shop around.

My hope is that using these tips you will be able to buy the best furniture for your needs!


Written by Jean Christophe Burkhardt

Trained as a craftsman in the south of France, carving and polishing Louis and French style furniture, Chris has been working as an interior design specialist for the last 5 years. His field of expertise includes french furniture and french provincial chandeliers

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Brian March 15, 2012 at 12:11 pm

There is lots of good advice but for those of us who rent fixing things to walls isn’t really an option.

I also like to have one broad fitting such as the TV table to give the focal point of the room a more spacious look.


Chris March 15, 2012 at 1:04 pm

That’s a very good point about not being able to fix things to walls! I know someone who had to take all pictures off the walls of his rental apartment every time his estate agent came to do an inspection, as he wasn’t allowed to affix anything to the walls 🙂


Michael Coline January 18, 2013 at 2:12 am

I think measurement is the most important of all tips. When I was living with my wife in our previous apartment we bought a couach that looked really great and…we couldn’t get it in the apartment it just could get through the door 😀 so yes measure everuthing you buy carefully.


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