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How Google Maps made property research easier

by Chris Lang on August 9, 2008

The latest feature Google added to maps – Street View – makes property research so much easier! What we used to have is this view from above and it was really helpful, at least to understand what the closest amenities are – is there a school, a shopping center, a park near by etc.

Street level takes property research to a different level – you can actually tour the streets and see where the closest milk bar is or what kind of local shops are there. It really is as good as walking the streets.

You can really get a feel of the neighborhood by looking at cars parked in everyone’s driveways or looking at the types of the other houses in the area. It is easy to see if the neighbors have kids (look for prams, little bikes or swings in front of the house) or dogs (sign on the fence). It is just as good as being there.

This little video explains how to use the Street Level

Try the Street Level – it’s amazingly cool and useful!

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