How 6 Disney Villains Would Decorate their Homes in 2019

by Greg on November 6, 2019

Disney villains homes

Looking for alternative inspiration for your bedroom renovation? Have you considered — pure evil?

Everybody knows that baddies have the best lairs. So when it comes to redecorating you own lair, the people over at Angie’s List reckon you should draw inspiration from the would-be boudoirs of Disney’s most notorious villains.

Maleficent Disney villain home

For instance, Maleficent may be returning to the big screen in live action form, but she first caught our imagination as the villainess of the Sleeping Beauty cartoon. Quite aside from her villainy, Maleficent’s aesthetic is what makes her such an icon today. For this thought-experiment about Disney villain bedrooms, Maleficent gets dark black walls, skin-green trim, and purple drapery to match her outfit.

Cruella De Vil Disney villain home

101 Dalmatians gave us Cruella De Vil, the fur-laden dog-snatcher whose name has become synonymous with female villainy in all its forms. Naturally, her 2019-style bedroom is lined with fur, and you can bet it is not of the eco- (or dog-) friendly kind.

Evil Queen Disney villain home

Snow White’s Evil Queen has lucked out with a fairly non-evil-looking boho bedroom. Freshly-plucked peacock feathers offer a glimpse at the cruelty with which her majesty rules. But just like the Queen of England, she appears to be giving off mixed signals with her EU-flag patterned throw.

Ursula Disney villain home

The Little Mermaid movie gave us Ursula the sea witch to contend with. Naturally, her surface-level bedroom contains a little imprisoned sea-life in the form of her fish tank. More replicable in your own home is the aquatic-themed wavy blue wallpaper. The hanging lamp is apparently supposed to conjure images of an octopus in motion, but if you prefer something more obvious (and have $18,000 to spare), how about this handmade octopus chandelier?

Jafar Disney villain home

For Aladdin’s villainous genie Jafar, it’s all about the lamps. Naturally, he got his oil lamp from Etsy.

Tamatoa Disney villain home

And Tamatoa, the villainous crab from the Moana movie, gets the blingiest of the boudoirs thanks to his penchant for pendants. Gold bed linen and trim just about stays classy though, thanks to the earthy tones of the walls and furniture.

Which Disney villain will be your bad influence?

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