Houzz – iPhone app review

by Greg on August 5, 2012

Houzz - iPhone app review

Whether you just bought a house or rented yourself a nice place, if you want to design the interior yourself, then this app is definitely for you.
In it you will find endless flow of design ideas sorted neatly by categories corresponding to each part of your house – bedroom, bathroom, entry, dining room, etc.
Lets start with the home screen, which looks like this:

houzz app review

By swiping your finger you can browse random photos showing you beautiful designs of various house sections. When you come across something you like you can either share it via Twitter or Facebook, email the photo, or add it to your Ideabook.
So what’s the deal with this Ideabook? It is pretty neat – in the app you can create an account and store there your favourite designs for future reference. But that’s not all – you also have access to a huge collection of Ideabooks of other users!

Now, lets get back to the home screen – for each photo you can view its info by tapping on the “info” button on the lower right. The info section includes data about the designer, and points you to additional photos from that project.

By tapping on the Menu button located at the lower left corner you get the following menu:

houzz app review

The “Home” button will always take you to the home screen. Tapping on the “Photos” button will get you to an enormous collection of photos of various designs sorted by the house sections:

houzz app review

If, for example, I tap on the “Bedroom” section in the screen above, I get to the following screen, in which I can browse through photos of bedrooms, enlarge each photo, and see all the information about it:

houzz app review

I can also choose to view photos from a specific location by tapping on the “Metro Area” button located above the images on the left-hand side. For example I can choose only to see designs by Melbourne designers.

By tapping on the “Products” button on the main menu you can browse the various design ideas sorted by products such as bath products, fabric, floors, housekeeping, lighting, and more.

The “Ideabooks” button on the main menu opens the vast variety of other users collections of design ideas, which is a really great tool. From there you can read articles on various home-design related subjects and get updated on the latest trends in home-decor.

By tapping on the “Professionals” button on the main Menu you arrive at the list of professionals sorted by categories such as: Architects & Designers, General Contractors, Home Stagers, and many more. After choosing a category you are then able to narrow your search by their geographic area of operation. So lets say I need a Home Stager in Melbourne. I tap on the Menu button, from it I tap on the “Professionals” , choose “Home Stagers” and see the list of all the home stagers in the database. Next I tap on the “Metro Area” button and choose Melbourne. Now I can see only home stagers that operate in Melbourne, and by tapping on each name I can see their details and photos of their work.

At almost any point when using the app you can tap on “Add to Ideabook” button located on the top right, and add the item to your own collection (you can also add notes to each item), which brings us to the last button of the main menu – the “My Houzz” button. You guessed correctly, it brings you to your own collection of images that you created when browsing the app and tapping on the add button.

In conclusion, this is a very good app for drawing inspiration when designing your living space, and it also contain lots of useful information about the designers and other professionals in the home building and design fields. You can download this app for free from the Apple store.

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