Household survival tips – how to take control of your family budget and spend less (part 2)

by Chris Lang on December 16, 2008

Banknotes coins moneyThis is the rest of money saving tips I promised you in the part one of “How to take control of you family budget”.

6. Cancel memberships that don’t do much for you.

Do you have memberships in clubs you are not interested in any more? Cancel them and save that money.

7. Cancel your newspaper / magazine subscriptions.

Are you reading every one of those issues? Is it worth to pay for weekly subscription if all you read is one magazine a month? Maybe you could cancel it altogether and read the magazine at the library, they usually have a rich collection of popular magazines.

8. Cancel your gym membership.

When was the last time you went? If the answer is “Can’t remember”, then you should definitely cancel it. Walking is free and an excellent way to exercise.

9. Buy products online.

In 9 cases out of 10 the online stores are cheaper. Do the research, find stores with good reputation and buy there.

10. Don’t buy books.

No, I don’t mean stop reading – use the library. It’s free; it’s a money saver and a great thing to teach your kids. Another idea is to stop buying music CDs and movies. You can listen to the music over the Internet for free and swap DVDs with friends (here’s a great article from Almost Frugal about it).

11. Postpone any renovations and not urgent expenses.

Anything that can wait – should wait. These are the times to tighten the belt and there is no such thing as renovations emergency.

12. Buy at cheaper supermarkets

ALDI is well-knows chain of cheaper supermarket. Give it a chance, do your shopping there a couple of times and then compare how much you save. If it work, you’ve found another way to save. This blog here is a great place to find recipes for dishes, all made from ALDI ingredients.

I am sure you have more tips for better family budget. Care to share?

Update: this post has made it to the Bankruptcy and Debt Carnival.

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Kelly from Almost Frugal December 16, 2008 at 5:12 pm

Thanks for the link- I’m glad you enjoyed the article.


Chris December 16, 2008 at 8:37 pm

Are you kidding! This post was awesome, and I liked the idea of swapping DVDs in particular. Your blog is great, I am a subscriber now.


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