House that follows the sun – GreenSmart Home of the Year 2013

by Chris Lang on September 5, 2013

House that follows the sun

This home has been named Girasole, which means “follow the sun”, because that’s what it does – literally.

It is built on on a motorised turntable, controlled by a touch screen panel, and can be set to automatically follow the sun, or rotate in any other way the home owner may choose.

The judges were unanimous in awarding this truly innovative project the GreenSmart Home of the Year. The project was brought to life in the ACT by a visionary team at MAG Constructions and DNA Architects.

Intrigued? Here’s what it looks like:

The front:

GreenSmart Home Of The Year 2013

Outdoor entertaining area:

GreenSmart Home Of The Year 2013

Living area:

GreenSmart Home Of The Year 2013


GreenSmart Home Of The Year 2013

Meals area:

GreenSmart Home Of The Year 2013

I tried to research this project a bit further, because there isn’t much detail about it on the HIA website, but couldn’t find what other “GreenSmart” features it has, apart from the turntable. The first question that comes to mind – does it really save energy, wouldn’t the motor (that has to turn a whole house!) be power-hungry? And if the motor is power-hungry, then what house features compensate by saving more power than the motor wastes?

This project definitely is innovative and beautiful, but is it environmentally friendly, or ‘green’? What do you think?

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Brian September 7, 2013 at 8:52 pm

There are a few rotating houses around. The Everingham House uses two 500watt moters which can turn that house 360 degrees in 30 minutes so I would think that it only takes around one kw hour per day.

It sounds an interesting idea but having the house facing the sun on summer afternoons makes me think the glare inside the house would be really strong and the house would also overheat.


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