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by Greg on June 1, 2013

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Owing to the ubiquitous nature of crimes and perilous social activities, we all suffer from chronic life insecurity. We may fear going out and leaving our home with nobody to watch over. Furthermore, due to the alarming social scenarios we may even feel uncomfortable staying alone at home or leaving kids without supervision. Unfortunate events never come knocking on our doors. So before these threatening intruders snatch away our happiness, let’s deploy some much needed and efficient home security systems in our homes. These gadgets would cover every nook and corner of the house and ensure a peaceful sleep every night.

Driveway Security

The best way to secure your house is to start with the outermost part first, the driveway or the porch. Chasing away burglars before they break in would save you from the mess and complications they would create if they did break in.

There are many devices for that:

1. Driveway wireless alarm: There are many variations with alarm devices. The basic purpose of these devices is to alarm you when unwanted people enter your driveway or porch. These on an average have a 300-500 foot range of signal and a motion sensor range between 25-30 feet with 30 degrees of angle view. These are made weather proof since they are used outside the house.

2. Remote Monitoring: If you are away from your house, you could use advanced remote monitoring systems and apps. These would allow you to keep yourself updated on the state of your home security systems. You could view streamed videos or get alerts on your smartphone.

3. Fog Cover Shield: In case of any intrusion, these fog shield systems use sensors around your house. The activated alarm produce enough fog to blanket around 2,500 square feet in just seconds. This might confuse intruders and probably scare them out.

4. Surveillance Cameras: Putting cameras inside the house is as important as putting them outside. You can get live feeds of what is going on outside your house. You could probably call the police in advance or prepare well for worst case scenarios.

5. Dog Bark Simulators: These devices get activated by a motion detector. The device produces an exact copy of the dog bark, powerful enough to scare away burglars.

Door Securities

After driveway and porch, next you should secure the main entrance to the house.

Siren Padlock: These padlocks are extremely strong and weather resistant. They produce an ear-piercing 10 db alarm noise when the lock is forced open when locked.

Wedge Alarm: These alarm devices are installed under the door after it is closed. It deters door opening and if the door is forced open, it emits 130 db strong piercing sound.

Computerized Doors: These computerized smart devices are installed in the door itself. They require a password to open the door; very difficult for common thief to operate.

Window Security>

Having secured the door, now it’s time to secure the windows.

Windows Wedge Alarm: Just like the doors, these alarms radiate shrill sound if anything happens to the windows after them being locked. These would definitely shoo the common thief away.

Tripwires: Tripwire systems could be used both with windows and doors and even inside the house. They send an activating signal to the alarm device when they are being touched. Moreover, some systems have the additional features of capturing a picture of the person tripping the wire.

Inside The House

Now it’s time for the area inside the house to be laced with security and protection systems.

Surveillance Cameras: Just like the ones outside the house, these cameras record what is going on inside the house. You could view videos on your computer at any time.

Surveillance Camera Simulation Device: These look and move like a surveillance camera when they are only a fake copy of it. These might discourage intruders thinking it to be a real deal.

TV Simulators: These deter potential intruders by giving an impression that someone is watching TV inside the house. These devices produce LED lights projecting onto the walls. The lights move and change just like when the TV is actually on.

Motion Sensor Lights: Motion sensor lights get activated when they sense a movement around them. They could warn you and probably chase intruders away.

You could get most of these devices from a retail security device and systems store. Furnish your house with some of these security gadgets and live a blissful and fearless life!


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