Home décor inspiration from iconic TV homes – 2019-style!

by Greg on September 23, 2019

Iconic tv rooms

Where do you find your inspiration when you redecorate the rooms at home?

Set-piece magazines and lustrously illustrated catalogues may be one thing. But they sometimes feel a bit idealized compared to what the results will actually look like.

For a real lived-in feel, it can be more inspiring to look at the TV. Television homes become almost as familiar as our own when we watch our favorite shows week after week. And as a new visualization project from Budget Direct shows, you needn’t feel compelled to stick with the exact same shades and furniture as your TV heroes. These new images show what some of the most popular shows of recent years would look like with a 2019 makeover.

Joyce Byers’ living room from Stranger Things

Joyce Byer living room from Stranger Things

The Byers house in Stranger Things is pretty far from an ‘ideal home’ – not least because of all the trouble with the neighbors down below. But flashing it back from ’80s murkiness to a ‘contemporary’ 1970s-retro style with Hague blue walls, a burnt-orange sofa, and deluxe velvet upholstery makes it a bit more appealing.

Walter White’s kitchen from Breaking Bad

Walter White's kitchen from Breaking Bad

The Whites of Breaking Bad may have a had a bit more space to move around in, but their home décor was kind of stuck in a 1990s time-warp. This 2019 makeover reveals the true potential of Walter’s kitchen; could exposed brick, colored cabinetry, and stylish splashbacks have the same effect on your cooking area?

Alicia Florrick’s home office from The Good Wife

Alicia Florrick's home office from The Good Wife

Alicia’s home office in The Good Wife had a sense of seriousness that really needs some levity in the today’s gloomy end-of-decade atmosphere. Thankfully, a sunny shade of fashionable yellow is both fun and inspiring for those who work at home. Furniture made of reclaimed wood also offers some way to offset the impact of your home improvements on the environment.

Don and Megan’s bedroom from Mad Men

Don and Megan's bedroom from Mad Men

Don Draper’s Manhattan bedroom was never much of a place to read or work. But with a more bright and natural look than its sophisticated but glum 1960s autumnal shades, there’s really nothing you wouldn’t be inspired to do in this space. The ‘global nomad’ look is a pleasant way to remember your travels with trinkets and textiles from the places you’ve visited without forcing your memories on your visitors. Blush tones in the bedding add a sense of color without being overwhelming.

Rory’s childhood bedroom from Gilmore Girls

Rory's childhood bedroom from Gilmore Girls

The update to Rory Gilmore’s bedroom may divide Gilmore Girls fans. On the one hand it’s a big relief to see it decluttered and made a little more modern and stylish with bold shapes and metallic trim. On the other hand, it isn’t quite so Rory any more, is it? Still, that doesn’t stop you borrowing these ideas for your own teenager’s den.

Monica Geller’s bathroom from Friends

Monica Geller's bathroom from Friends

On the other hand, Monica’s bathroom in Friends was always more than ready for a makeover. Here it is with cute but stylish little pink tiles, a free-standing bath to create a sense of more floorspace, and bright marble tiles to make the most of the natural light.

Now you’ve seen 2019’s décor trends applied to some familiar rooms, which ones will you be using in your home?

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