Hiring a Security Company or Relying on a Sound Alarm?

by Greg on August 28, 2012

Security system

For many homeowners having a standard sound alarm is all the security that they need for their home. This may be because they have a friend or a neighbor to look after their home when they are not there or because they live in a close knit neighborhood that watches out for each other and will take action and call the relevant authorities if a sound alarm is activated.

However for other people, having just the sound alarm does not give them enough peace of mind so hiring a security company could be a good idea for them. The security company can do many additional things to help protect a home, whether that is a regular visual inspection of the property, a physical inspection on a daily basis, or even just monitoring a sound alarm and if it is activated, then investigate or call the local authorities. Sometimes the added peace of mind that a security company can give a homeowner is worth the extra cash.

The first thing to take into consideration is the area that you live in. If it is a quiet, low crime area then you will probably be more than happy with a decent sound alarm system. However, if you live in a high crime area, and especially if your home is empty for large periods of the day, having a security company inspect your property on a regular basis has the added benefit of deterring any would be burglar that is watching your house with thoughts of breaking in.

Another reason that the minimum monitoring service provided by a security company is attractive to lots of homeowners, is the realization that even if your sound alarm is activated and going off, no one would be around to call the local authorities. Now that may be because you live in a neighborhood where everyone else is at work all day, or it may be that you are new to an area and just haven’t had time to get to know your neighbors yet. Whatever the reason, you have worked hard to build up your possessions and buy your home, so you want to know that it is as safe as it can be.
Neighborhoods that have many empty houses because the occupants are at work all day could get together and approach a security company for a group deal. Often just the presence of a security car in a high crime area alone is a great deterrent and group deals could save you money.

As with many security issues this is a very individual choice with no right or wrong answer. You need to evaluate your sound alarm, the neighborhood that you live in and how often your home is empty and base your decision on that. Security companies are there for a reason and a great idea for some people. For others though a good quality sound alarm will be all the protection they need, as long as they have someone that will take notice when it is going off.


Dimitar Yoldov

Dimitar Yoldov works for one of the leading Danish companies in the security business, and is happy to share his experience about  tyverialarm (that’s Danish for burglar alarms)

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