Having Our Home Professionally Staged Made The Difference

by Greg on April 24, 2012

Just over a year ago, we decided that we had outgrown our current home and that it was time to find a home that better fit our growing family. Since our family has been happily settled in East Hampton for several years, we really wanted to stay in the area. Of course, even though we were in the desirable East Hampton real estate market, we were concerned about how long it would take to sell our home. We contacted a top real estate agent and began to ready our home for the market. When touring the home with the realtor, she suggested that we consider hiring a professional home stager, to prepare our home for the market. We thought we could do without a home stager, and decided to stage the home ourselves. What a mistake!

We have to admit that our idea of home staging was to shove everything into the closets, and pick up a few accessories and designer pillows at a home decor store. While our home looked better than usual, the photos that were taken for our listing were disappointing. The rooms looked cramped, dull and lifeless.

The first few weeks our home was on the market, we had just a handful of showings with potential buyers (no doubt because prospective homeowners were turned off by the lackluster photos on our listing). Managing all the kids’ clutter was a nightmare, and it seemed I was picking up furiously every time we received a call that someone wanted to tour the house. With such little activity and no offers coming in, we began to dread the idea that our home would linger on the market for months on end.

The turning point came one Sunday when we toured some East Hampton homes and found our dream home. We really wanted to put in an offer but were nervous at the thought that we might have to carry two mortgages. When we asked our realtor what we could do to speed the sale of our home, she said without hesitation, ‘Have your home professionally staged’. We made the call that very evening, and within a week we had our home professionally staged.

We can hardly describe the amazing transformation that professional staging made! Having a fresh set of eyes evaluating the home made a huge difference. Some changes were so simple, like rearranging furniture to improve traffic flow, and although the change was so easy it instantly transformed the room. Other changes were more dramatic; we even changed the color in our dining room when we realized the room needed brightening. The professional home stager conquered our clutter with clever storage, improved traffic flow, and enhanced the look in each and every room.

With the professional staging complete, our realtor appreciated the difference immediately and updated the photos on our listing. Within a day, we had new showings and within a few short weeks our first offer! We were able to sell the house in time to buy our dream home. For anyone considering selling his or her home, we highly recommend hiring a professional home stager. For us, it meant a quick sale and the ability to move into our dream home!


Written by Sam Marquit

Sam Marquit is a entrepreneur, home improvement specialist, and part time blogger. Feel free to visit Sam’s blog, and don’t forget to connect with him @fmarquitv

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short-let-apartments December 14, 2012 at 5:32 pm

Staging a home is not a task if you have a good idea of quick and easy ways to dress it up or can clean it well and apply your creativity to it. Otherwise, you can also take professional home staging services which offer a complete makeover, depending upon your budget.


Muhammad December 28, 2012 at 11:16 am

I agree that it is difficult for a selelr to see what they are used to seeing. One of the things I suggest to homeowners wanting to sell is to visit a few homes for sale, both staged and unstaged. I also recommend that they look at model homes to see what they are striving to model.


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