Giving Your Teenage Daughter’s Room a Makeover

by Greg on August 15, 2019

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When it comes to giving your teenage daughter’s room a makeover, it’s important to remember that her room is an expression of who she is. In her mind, her bedroom is a place where she can go to escape reality. We’ve provided you with a few tips on how to easily re-decorate your daughter’s bedroom.

More than Just a Sleeping Space
A teenager’s bedroom is much more than just their bedroom; it’s their hangout spot with friends, their escape from reality, their study space, and so much more! While it can be overwhelming, converting your daughter’s bedroom into a multi-functional space can be a fun, creative process! To save some floor space and add a lounge area, you can place her bed lengthwise against a wall as a daybed. Or if she prefers, add some lounge-worthy pillows, luxury weighted blankets, and some decorative lights to a corner in the room for a creative lounging area. Does your daughter enjoy makeup? No problem. Add a makeup vanity that can double as a study area!

Coordinate Your Colors
Having too much of a good thing can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially in a smaller space. When it comes to the color of your teenager’s room, nine times out of ten, she will prefer bright, bold colors to neutral colors. The best way to not over-use their favorite color is to have an accent walls with a few splashes of coordinating colors around the room in smaller amounts. Maybe an accent rug with vibrant colors, or an accent wall with a bright design or mural. You could even change things up and use their ceiling as the accent wall!

While she might not appreciate it now, one day your daughter will be thankful you added storage space to her bedroom. It’s a rare occurrence to find a teenager’s bedroom neat and orderly, but with storage space, it can be a much easier task to accomplish. A few stylish, modern ways to add storage to your teenage daughter’s room is by adding floating shelves, under-the-bed bins, a storage bench below her bed, or maybe a closet organization system.

Teaching Valuable Lessons
Make sure to have your daughter help out when giving her room a makeover! Maybe show her how to sew so she can make her own quilt coverlet, pillow cover, or luxury blanket for her own bed. With these skills, your daughter can boost her confidence, feel better about herself, her room, and remember these skills for later in life.

Tactile Textures
One reason a teenager loves to spend so much time in their room is because it’s theirs, they’re comfortable and safe there. Like most people, they’re drawn to fabrics that feel good and touchy-feely elements. If your daughter likes these, maybe try a faux fur rug, hanging curtains, colorful pillows with fringe, or maybe some velvet wallpaper. Not only will these feel good to your daughter, but they can lighten the room up with some new colors and patterns!

Rethink the Bed
Even though bedrooms don’t allow for a lot of furniture, you can still have fun with a new room set-up. One trend that seems to be gaining popularity is wall-mounted headboards, or in some cases, no headboard at all. This way, you can save yourself floorspace and add a unique touch to your bed. You could also try hanging bed comforters, bold-colored silk pillowcase, vibrant luxury cotton blankets, or even a homemade quilt coverlet.

Add an Accent Wall
One of our favorite bedroom design ideas is to have an accent wall. This is an excellent way to add a pop of color to your small bedroom! But for a smaller bedroom, you’ll want to add your accent wall on the back wall. Depending on what you prefer, you can add color to the entire wall or just have a band of color using paint or colorful tile. If you add an accent wall, be sure to leave the remaining walls simple with light colors and no designs.


Jennifer Adams

With a love for interior design since she was younger, Jennifer Adams has worked her way through life, becoming a well-known interior designer. But she discovered that wasn’t everything she wanted to do, she wanted to help others.

Jennifer has set herself a goal to redefine what soft is and to give her clients the ultimate sleep experience. Jennifer once made the statement that, “I’ve made it my life’s work to study the sleep experience, so I can bring you fabrics and designs that are remarkably soft, easy to care for, and ooze effortless style.”
With help from Jennifer Adams, you can give your teenage daughter the bedroom makeover she only dreamt of!

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