‘Get Results You Deserve’ when selling or leasing your property [Book Review]

by Chris Lang on March 9, 2012

Get Results You Deserve when selling or leasing your property

Let’s say you’ve decided to sell your house, what’s the first thing you do? That’s right, you get some appraisals from real estate agents. Then you decide which agent you are going to work with, sit down and exchange some details about the property and your expectations, and voila, you’ve set the ball rolling and now selling your house is your agent’s problem.

Which is fine… except for the fact that it’s not the optimal strategy for selling your house, according to Steve Basin, the founder of iPostcodes.com.au and the author of the book “Get Results You Deserve”.

But what CAN be better than letting the real estate agent sell your house? Isn’t that what most people do? Well yes, but Steve says – that’s a thing of the past, which is no longer applicable today. In today’s tougher marker conditions vendors should be teaming up with their estate agents and doing their bit to help make the sale a success.

If your next question is “What exactly can I do to help?”, Steve Basin’s new book “Get Results You Deserve” has the answer, because there he describes a way homeowners can make a valuable contribution to the process of selling their house. Real estate agents may be the experts on selling houses, but who is the most knowledgeable expert on the actual home being sold? The home owner, of course – as the person who lived there for a long time, who knows the best qualities and features of the home, who knows what the best parts about the neighbourhood are, where the best schools, parks, shops, cafes and restaurants are.

The process of selling a house as we know it doesn’t leave much room for a home owner to participate. When I was selling my first house, to maximize my chances of success I did something unconventional – I offered to write my own ad for the web and newspaper advertising. You should have seen the look on my agent’s face. He accepted, but said it’s the first time in his 15 years in the industry any vendor would want to do that. This happened long before the book “Get Results You Deserve” was published – so I hope it will turn things around, and the home owners will embrace the new way of selling their homes.

What can you expect to learn from this book? Quite a bit. It talks about clever ways to attract the right buyers (if you’re selling) or renters (if you’re leasing) to your open home, how to make them feel good about purchasing or renting your house, what information about your house should be presented to make the buyer’s / renter’s decision much easier. Steve discusses where you should be advertising – newspapers, online, or both for the best result, and also gives some excellent marketing tips. The last bonus chapter explains how any home owner can leverage the knowledge they gathered over the years while living in the house, of all the great features they love about it, how that information can go into a free listing on iPostcodes.com.au, and be used by your real estate agent in their advertising, to present the home owners’ invaluable perspective.

All in all, if you are a vendor who has difficulty selling the house, or a landlord who is frustrated about their property spending too much time without a tenant, this book can really help.

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