Extreme frugality: moving house by bike

by Chris Lang on July 21, 2011

Cargo bike When it comes to saving money, I know a thing or two. You would have to go for reasons to my childhood, and it’s been a habit for me ever since. I also love to ride my bike, and often use it to get around, instead of driving. But even with these two qualities combined, one thing I would never ever, ever, in a million years, think of is moving house by bike!

How do you move a house by bike?

You gather some sworn bike riders, get them to bring bike trailers, a recumbent bike perhaps to move the heaviest items, pick a day when it’s not raining, plan the route and off you go.

Has it been done before?

The idea originally came from the international Transition Network. Following their lead, two years ago Melboune community group Transition Darebin tried a bike move, and was able to complete it within a few hours (riding 15 km from East Brunswick to West Heidelberg).

Their best tips are to plan the route so it doesn’t get too hilly, and to always have someone in the group who’s good at tying knots 🙂

Moving house by bike

Is it legal to move cargo by bike?

According to Garry Brennan, spokesman for Bike Victoria as quoted in Domain.com “A bike is a vehicle, and it has to meet certain design specifications and comply with Australian standards of maximum width – about 700 millimetres. Cargo bikes fit within that width, so all standard cargo bikes in Victoria are legal and can carry very heavy loads; and bike trailers can tow very heavy loads as well.”

Want to see how it’s done?

Watch the short video below:

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