Extend your home on a budget with an outdoor room

by Greg on November 4, 2015

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Households have a way of expanding. Whether that’s because of an increase in family members or an increase in possessions, we often find the home feeling cluttered and cramped, with no quick and cheap solution in sight. Get ready to discover a few tricks to creating a stunning and smart outdoor room on a budget.

Furnish beautifully

Choosing the right outdoor furniture can make or break an outdoor room. Make sure you shop from somewhere that specializes in good quality, affordable items like Super Amart. Go for pieces that don’t just suit the design and layout of the area, but which also add value to the space. There’s no point in getting a day bed if you already have all the seating you need through your other furniture – that only uses funds unnecessarily and can leave you with a cramped outdoor room (the last thing you need!).

Consider style, materials and colour when you choose your furniture, and try and make sure any new items fit in with existing décor.

Decorate simply

If you decide that you need to decorate your outdoor area to really make it feel like a living area, it is worth creating a plan before you purchase anything. It’s easy to browse and end up with a trolley full of things that look great on their own, but in reality just don’t look great. Choose a theme or colour scheme, decide what the ‘essentials’ are (you might want a clock, a picture, a rug and a table decoration to begin with) and then shop around for the right pieces at the right prices. You might also want to consider using recycled items or making your own decorations from scratch!

Outdoor room

Store intelligently

This is the practical part of ‘extending’ your home that will really show off your planning and foresight. If you want a truly useful space that helps make your home feel bigger and better, get creative with your storage ideas. Don’t just get an outdoor coffee table when you can get an outdoor coffee table with storage. Don’t just rely on a cupboard when you could install wall-mounted shelving. Don’t just have a bench-style seat when you could have it open up to create – you guessed it – storage!

Sofa with storage

Gone are the days of ugly white flat pack storage options. Now is the time of affordable options for every style and budget, so if you are struggling for inspiration simply spend some time researching online or head into a hardware or DIY specialty store to get some ideas from the experts.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on converting your patio or deck to a fully-functional family room. Some smart choices and insightful planning can give you a highly practical area that the whole family loves spending time in while creating extra space inside your home.

Have you recently done up an outdoor room? What is your favorite aspect of your new space? Is there anything you would do differently if you had the chance?

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Cris November 5, 2015 at 8:39 pm

Definitely, I agree that expanding your home doesn’t have to be expensive. My mother’s extended room that goes out into a small balcony didn’t cost a lot. She carefully chose wooden furniture to complement the homey feel, then added blue and fuschia colors to brighten the small space. The glass windows trapped heat during Winter, which I think is very cost-effective.


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