Essential Power Tools For Homeowners

by Greg on March 2, 2018

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Are you getting started with some small project work at your home, but need some handy power tools to begin your work with? As enticing as it may sound to begrudge circular saw, power drills, demolition hammers, nails guns, miter saw, they are just not appropriate to keep at homes. But a tiny drill or a cordless screwdriver can be accommodated in drawers to feel little more powerful for DIY than big equipment.

Here’s a list of tools, a homeowner should have in case of emergencies.

Wireless Saw

A Wireless Saw comes handy and a perfect alternative for big circular saw. It is very much easier to use it than its analogue. There is no wiring cumbersome and potentially works on battery or cells. However, it is not as strong as a traditional circular saw but then again one doesn’t need to cut down heavy lumber or other tough jobs in houses. So for small emergencies in houses, one ought to have a wireless saw for DIY.

Power Hand Plane

An adjustable Power Hand Plane is another essential power tool one should keep in houses to take off varying depths of the wood. This tool works same as regular block plane but gets the work completed much faster and with teensy efforts. The intensity of the cut is flexible which passing over the surface of the wood gives smooth and tidy cutting with amazing corners on both sides.

Cordless Drills

Another very convenient tool found in almost every house is Cordless Drills. This alternative of conventional drills has potential to drill holes in dry walls, ashlars, wood etc. cordless drills can also be affixed with screwdrivers, hole-saws etc. These drills have a detachable chuck which when removed exposes one-fourth inch driver that can accept sockets.

Crescent Wrench

Crescent Wrench is another very amazing power tool which is famous because of its adjustable jaws. One doesn’t need to have wrenches of different sizes for different nuts and bolts, just one crescent wrench whose jaws can be altered according to the need. The jaws displaced to a 15 degrees angle which proves that this lovely tool can be used even in close quarters.


Hammers are the best power tools to begin your toolbox with. Two hammers are enough to be kept for emergency situations-The heavyweight one for bigger nails and the lightweight one for smaller nails and panel pins.

Rotary Tool

A Rotary Tool is an excellent inclusion for your toolbox at home. This tool is best suitable for works which require heavy manual efforts like shining, engraving, grinding, shaping etc. more efficiently and quickly. This tool also comes in two types- one is a traditional corded rotary tool and other is cordless. If you are working somewhere where access to electricity is not feasible then you should go for cordless one. Almost all DIY-hobbyists have this tool at their home.

Wireless Screwdrivers

Another power tool is Wireless Screwdrivers which can be placed in any drawer and can be used by anyone in the house with greater ease. This tool with an additional feature of flexible handle is used to loosen or tighten any screw – let’s say in a wooden wall or even concrete – all by yourself. No frustrating manual labor is required for it.

12-volt Jigsaw

12-volt Jigsaw is yet another prominent power tool one should have in their toolbox. No need to joke yourself, there is no place for traditional sliding miter saw in homes.One can have a straight cut – in seconds – all by oneself with this amazing jigsaw. This tool – again – works on battery and no wiring or electricity is required to use it.

Lawn Mower

A Lawn Mower is becoming famous among people who love gardening. This tool has an engine of 150CC. the blades of the mower are designed in such a way that when you move forward or backward with wheels attached to the blades, the blades spins which gets the work done with ease and also saves time.

Oscillating Multi-Tool

An automated Oscillating Multi-Tool which is used to extract cement from tiles, removing the outer layer of plaster or grout and many more DIY purposes is perfect to be placed in your toolbox as well. This tool is also available in corded and cordless categories. But why to go for rational wired oscillating tools when these modern counterparts can get the work done anytime and anywhere even where there is no power source, more quickly and efficiently?

These are few essential power tools that one can go for in their day-to-day lifestyle. If you are indeed a “do it yourself” lover than I would highly recommend you to buy them. We know toolboxes we have in our homes are not big enough for traditional power tools, but if you have above mentioned handy, easy to use power tools as an alternative to old-school arsenals then you really have a 5-gallon bucket.


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