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Earth Hour 2013 – join the revolution

by Chris Lang on March 21, 2013

Earth Hour 2013

Earth Hour is not just an hour. It’s a movement that originated in Australia and spread throughout the world, and on 23 March at 8:30 pm, it is happening again!

For one hour starting at 8:30 pm we switch all the lights off to support the renewable energy revolution.

Of course you can do more than that – participate in one of the events many cities hold in honour of the Earth Hour, such as Earth Hour Stargazing at the Sydney Observatory, or join the Earth Hour Night Run if you happen to be in Cairns (all the events are listed here).

And it’s not happening just in Australia, Earth Hour is a world-wide event – watch the video below or watch it on YouTube.

Earth Hour is a way for each and every one of us to show our support for a global movement for the environment. It’s more than just switching off lights for an hour – it shows that we, as a global community, care about protecting our planet.

In 2013 Australians at the forefront of the world are taking action, and pledging to switch on to renewable energy. It means that instead of burning fossil fuels that heat up the planet, pollute and destroy the nature, we are choosing to switch to clean renewable energy from natural sources – such as water, wind or solar.

So today you can make the pledge to switch to renewable energy. And by doing so, you can win a free 3kW solar power system, worth $7,500! But hurry – entries close 8:30 the night of Earth Hour, March 23 2013.

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