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by Chris Lang on April 14, 2010

Property Video Listings One of the latest additions to allows you to make your house hunting much more efficient, by saving your time, petrol and the stress of rushing to inspect 3 different properties within the same half an hour.

From now on, your inspections at begin online.

What am I talking about? Video, of course. You won’t be restricted to still images any more, instead you will be able to view video clips with sound where agents are presenting the properties to you, as if you were there in person. has partnered with a company called Visual Domain and together they plan to give the audience a chance of inspecting properties in the privacy of their own home.

Domain Sales Manager, Carolyn Matthews, said: “Video offers agents and vendors the chance to communicate with their clients through vibrant and interesting means. Potential buyers can immerse themselves in your listings, at the same time stimulating your market share and increasing your profile. Domain Video provides businesses the opportunity to be true leaders in your field”.

Of course, video doesn’t come cheap and at this time only the more expensive properties’ vendors are opting for video ads in their listings. However, I do believe that as time goes by, this will be a must-have feature for most vendors, because video is a VERY powerful tool.

But enough said, one picture’s worth a thousand words – and one video’s worth a thousand pictures, so here is a demonstration. Let the new age in house hunting begin!

Click below to play the video.

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Houston TX Real Estate April 19, 2010 at 1:13 pm

I have seen many visual tours but none that had a realtor or other person giving a tour of the house. I think this sounds like a very good way to highlight the features of the house.


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