DIY Lawn and Garden Maintenance Tips

by Greg on January 8, 2016

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Your garden plays an essential role in your home’s exterior. Apart from improving aesthetics, your garden is your very own oasis and a private playground for your kids. More importantly, having healthy vegetation around your home has environmental benefits.

With such vital functions, your garden deserves special care. As the homeowner, you must realize the importance of keeping your garden well-maintained. Now you may think that the job can be a bit challenging considering the Australian weather. But it’s not impossible. While some may choose to hire professional garden maintenance services, you can always do things on your own.

Below, we share some DIY tips for keeping your lawn and garden in their best state.

Water plants at the right time of day

The need to water plants regularly is a no brainer. But you can’t just water them whenever you feel like it. There is a right time to water your plants. The best time to water is early morning or the evening when it is relatively cooler. Avoid watering on a hot day or when there is high heat as moisture can rapidly evaporate.


Water the soil surrounding the plants. Remember that water is absorbed through the roots and not the leaves. Water generously to allow water to reach deep into the roots. Lastly, check watering regulations in your area and ensure that you comply.

Apply quality fertilizer routinely

Apart from water, plants also require a good amount of fertilizer for optimum nourishment. Given the wide variety of fertilizers available today, you may want to do some further research to determine the best kind that would suit the kind of vegetation you have. Apply fertilizer evenly on the area once every season to keep your lawn green and healthy all year round.

Remove dead plants

Dead plants can cause infection and present danger to other plants that are growing healthy. To prevent infection or any disease among your plants, make sure to get rid of dead materials in the area. Rake up fallen leaves especially those that are near healthy plants.

Fix bare spots

Bare spots are quite common in lawns and can be caused by several factors such as weeds, foot traffic and insect infestation. If not resolved in time, this problem can make your garden unsightly. To repair bare spots, dig the affected area up to 6 inches deep and mix the soil with the topsoil to improve soil quality. When applying treatment products, be sure to follow instructions carefully so as not to cause any further problems. Monitor the spot regularly to prevent recurrence.

Keep your lawn warm in the cold season

The cold can be quite harsh and significantly affect the health of your plants. You can take certain measures to make sure your plants stay warm enough. For one, you can trim some tree branches to maximize the amount of sunlight in your garden. You can also remove fallen leaves that may cover some of your plants.

Mow your lawn the right way

Correct mowing is an important component of proper garden maintenance. The important first step is to know your lawn type. When cutting grass ensure you set the mower at the correct height. The cutting height varies depending on the type of lawn.

  • Buffalo Grass: Buffalo grass is durable and easy to grow. It should be cut at a height of 25-50 millimeters.
  • Couch Grass: Couch withstands wear and tear and grows fast. It should be cut at a height of 25-35 millimeters.
  • Kikuyu Grass: Kikuyu loves the heat and full sun and is very adaptable. Similar to buffalo grass, it should be cut between 25-50 millimeters.

Cutting grass too short can result in increased sun exposure and therefore increased water evaporation which puts grass under stress. Cutting grass at a higher height can help maintain a healthy lawn and prevent scalping which may cause weeds to grow.

Got more helpful tips for garden maintenance? Share them here! Leave your comment below.


Hendrik Van Leeuwen

Hendrik Van Leeuwen is a qualified and experienced horticulturist that has been working more than 25 years in the landscape and horticulture industry. Hendrik is co-founder and Managing Director of Van Leeuwen Green Horticultural Services, established in 1995. His passion is to create beautiful, long lasting and sustainable gardens. Hendrik loves sharing his knowledge of design, plants and landscapes with his valued clients.

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Sarah Anderson May 14, 2016 at 4:59 am

I have heard about how there is a right time of day to water plants before, thank you for letting us know what it is. Luckily for my plants, I have always watered them in the morning. I didn’t know though, that you should keep the lawn warm in the winter if possible. Does that include the garden?


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