Different Kitchen Cabinet Door Types and Styles

by Greg on September 18, 2019

kitchen cabinet door styles

Since kitchen cabinet doors use up a large part of a cabinet’s exterior, people tend to fix their gaze on them instead of its other components. Owners can personalize their doors and customize them since they’re noticeable, enhancing both the durability and functionality while reflecting the owner’s taste in design.

Cabinet doors have three types, the Full Overlay, Partial Overlay, and Inset Cabinet door.

Full Overlay cabinet doors conceal a large part of a cabinet’s surface since they are attached to the cabinets themselves.

Partial Overlay doors are similar to full overlay doors except that the former only partially covers the cabinet’s surface. Most low-end establishments use this type of door.

Inset cabinet doors deviate from the overlay designs since they are installed directly on the cabinet’s frame which keeps it from covering parts of the cabinet, unlike the overlay.

There are several styles of kitchen cabinet doors that include the recessed panel doors, raised panel doors, slab doors, and open frame doors.

Kitchen cabinet doors have different styles, including recessed panel doors, raised panel doors, and open frame doors.

Recessed panel doors and raised panel doors are opposites since the former has panels engraved in a hollow position that produces a clean and sleek design while the latter has raised panels that make it the main point of view.

There are other kitchen cabinet door types and styles to choose from your personalized kitchen. To know more about them, view this infographic by Kitchen Cabinet Refacing:

kitchen cabinet door types and styles infographic

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