Designing Your Home Patio

by Greg on July 19, 2016

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Many homeowners like to re-design their homes from time to time to keep things feeling fresh. They like to modernise their whole properties as styles change along with their tastes and preferences. The indoors provides shelter, and a place to sleep and relax while watching the TV, but it’s the outdoors that provides the place to enjoy the sun and great Australian weather. When homeowners are looking to make modifications to their backyards, they might want to consider a patio because it provides an ideal and stylish place to dine and sit with guests.

There are so many different patio options that it can be difficult for those with little experience in design to bring their ideas to life. From shapes to materials used and size, designing a patio that’s perfect for an individual’s needs and preferences takes due care and planning. Below is a list of key things homeowners should take into consideration when trying to design the perfect patio.

The Key Considerations

It might be a good idea to seek professional advice when it comes to being specific about the patio installation, but homeowners and landlords could benefit by at least having a basic idea of what kind of design they’re after.

The type of material

The material used will naturally have a huge effect on the overall look of the patio, so it might be worth investing in the material that looks most attractive with regards to specific preferences. There are many both attractive and durable materials available locally such as liquid limestone in Perth by Fluid Limestone. It’ll last for years with a bit of maintenance and ensure the patio is a striking feature in the garden. Liquid limestone is a mixture of crushed limestone, concrete and other additives. It is usually used to build patios, driveways and swimming pool surroundings.

The shape

Most people tend to go for simple shapes such as squares and circles because those shapes work well with almost any garden’s style. However, many homeowners like to invest a larger amount of cash for a complex design that really makes a garden look unique. Some people choose to have patio’s designed to look extra contemporary while also using the most efficient amount of space.


Homeowners should consider the purposes they will use their new patio for. They may wish to base their decisions on what objects will be placed on the patio, such as heavy objects like concrete ornaments or potentially hot barbeques. Complex designs may take up less space while making efficient use of garden space to accommodate accessories.

liquid limestone back yard patio

The outdoors is a smart place to invest in because it could also potentially increase the overall value of the house. Ornaments and flowers can make a garden look nice and inviting, but a change such as a patio will inject luxury into a yard. Liquid limestone in Perth by Fluid Limestone is a good recommendation for the material, but homeowners might want to research all of their options within their budget to make sure they choose the best for their purposes.


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