Designing a Dream – The Importance of Home Staging When Drawing in House Hunters

by Greg on August 22, 2017

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Interested in putting your beloved home on the market but overwhelmed with what that entails? Fear not, you are not alone. Entering the real estate game as a seller can be an exciting and stressful time. With a competitive market, buyers are looking for their dream home and are willing to pay top dollar for that one that feels just right.

Even if you think your home is in perfect shape and style, there are certainly things that can be improved and tweaked to increase buyer appeal. Read on to learn top tips on how and why to stage your home to attract high paying house hunters.

Seek Guidance

Staging and styling your home has become an imperative part of the home selling process. Buyers have high expectations for perfection when they enter a home for sale. The best way to ensure you have an impeccably styled home that grabs the eyes and hearts of home buyers is to hire a trusted stylist. If you don’t know where to start, take my advice and take a look at Create Expectations, a Melbourne-based company that is a leader in the field of home styling.

But my house looks great already!

You may think your house is perfectly styled already, and it may be, for your style.

However, the style needs to appeal to a wide range of buyers. Whether you know it or not, you have a deep sentimental attachment to your personal style and belongings.

A stylist can come in and step back and see what is working and what needs some adjustments to increase appeal for buyers. Top real estate agents say that staging your home is their number one recommended tactic for selling your home!

What will they do to my house?

A stylist will skillfully combine what you already have with temporary items to create the perfect look. Stylists can add elements like art, books, furniture, plants and lighting. The styling will include upgrades to interior and exterior elements of the house.

The job of the stylist is to have a potential home-buyer step out of their car and already know they have to put an offer on the house before they even walk through the front door. Curb appeal is as important as the perfectly warm and inviting living room.

Is it really worth the money?

This is a common question asked buy potential home sellers.

Often, people think their house is market ready, and don’t feel the need to pay a professional to come in and polish up the final touches. This is of course an option, to DIY as much as possible to get your house ready for market.

However, houses that are professionally styled are sold for significantly more, they sell faster than those not styled, and they attract way more offers. In fact, houses that are staged are typically sold for 17% more than those that are not.

To ensure your house is an appealing option on the the competitive real estate market, you have to do everything you can to make your property look the best it has ever looked. The answer is not embarking on expensive changes to your home, the answer is in high-quality, excellent staging.

You will be shocked at how the addition of the right throw pillows, a mirror in the corner, or plants in the living room will make a potential home buyer have that “I need this house” moment. So if a speedy and profitable sale are what you are looking for, don’t waste another minute and find a stylist.

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