Critical Questions House buyers should ask during COVID-19 Pandemic

by Greg on May 21, 2020

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The global crisis of the COVID-19 has led to many serious issues; buying and selling a house is one of them. The problem is that buyers can’t go to various houses to investigate about them also can’t meet real estate agents, sellers and other experts personally to know whether the deal is legal or not.

What Critical Questions buyers should ask?
As the potential threat of the Coronavirus is rising; the buyers are facing issues and difficulties in purchasing the property. The only reason is that going out is impossible during the lockdown. But there are other options like rent to buy homes that can be selected if the conventional way of buying a house is not possible. The following questions are of great importance.

Is it possible to buy a house during COVID-19 Pandemic?
It is quite possible to buy a house even during the COVID-19 pandemic. Although this will not be in the traditional way as the lockdown restrict the movement of the public. But still buyers can purchase houses by making all of the transactions through the internet without making physical contact with anyone.
Can the house be inspected during the lockdown?
The threat of spreading of the Coronavirus is mainly through close physical contact and allowing anyone in the house is dangerous because you don’t know whether the person is positive or negative with the disease. It has been recommended that the buyers wait until the end of the lockdown.

What transaction method is the best?
Handling cash can be extremely dangerous as scientists believe that cash is also a source of expanding the virus. The safest way to make money transactions is by doing everything online and through the internet. The online bank account app and other monetary software are always of great help.
When should be the time to move in?
In many cities the lockdown is not so tight so people can go out for some time. So if you want to shift to a new house then you can take a few things one by one and stock in the new house. Or there another option of waiting for the lockdown to fully be ended.

How to spend the lockdown time?
There are many things that the buyers can do when they are locked down inside their homes. Searching for the houses, viewing all of the info thoroughly, creating communications with the seller, and experts like Stop Renting Perth and finding the right décor ideas when you have bought the house.

Will the house be safe from the virus?
If the house that you are going to buy had no visitors who were infected with the virus previously; then the house is safe. But it is still suggested to have the house cleaned, sanitized and disinfect before selling the house. This can be done during the lockdown and after.

Can the visit to the house be possible?
Yes, it is possible to visit the house that you are willing to buy; but only during the time when there is some softness during the lockdown. As only two people are allowed to travel in the car; it is somewhat possible. But you can also wait till the lockdown is lifted.

Should rent rather than buying a home be considered?
This is the best way to own a house and not move to a new one. This system of buying works when the tenants of the house make deal with the landlords that they will buy the house at the end of the renting period that is decided. This is the easiest way to buy a house.

Is the property listed on the market?
During the times of crisis; many people do fraud and in this case try to sell houses that are not legal or even listed in the market. It is vital to check for the legitimacy of the house through reliable sources like a property lawyer or real estate agent.

Can the deal of the house be postponed?
The buyers have every right to postpone or even cancel the deal whenever they want to. Or there is another choice to hold the deal until the lockdown and the COVID-19 crisis has ended. Buyers can communicate with the sellers, plan ahead and decide whether to stay with the deal or leave it.

What suggestions experts can give?
The experts suggest holding all of the communications and transactions until the Coronavirus has completely ended. But there are other ways by which buyers can finish the deal of the house. It is really important to wait for the right time to come.

How to stay safe when going outside for house checking?
If it is really necessary to go out for various house buying transactions then you have to have all the important items like gloves, hand sanitizer, tissue and face mask. But if you are considering a rent to buy homes then you will need nothing of that sort.

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