Creative ways to make your home look nicer

by Greg on April 19, 2019

creative ways to make your home nicer

Your home is a very special place: it’s defined by the people who live there, rather than the architect who designed the building or the wallpaper you put on the walls. So unless you have fancy ideas about keeping up with the Joneses, making your home more cozy and pleasant need not be a case of spending a fortune at the hardware store.

Rather, you can gather the creative powers of your family, learn a few good new habits, and make looking after the place an agreeable part of daily life.

Sounds too good to be true? Absolutely not. The people at PoundPlace have put together a new interactive guide to free improvements you can make around the home. It shows how a bit of imagination and dedication can transform each room in your house. Let’s take a closer look at the before and after effects.

The Living Room
The living room – a.k.a. The Chaos Center! It may be the biggest room in your house, but living rooms tend to feel a bit cramped once you’ve squeezed in furniture (and toys, and devices, and other clutter) for the whole family.

The trick is to get a bit arty with it. For example, pulling the furniture out from the walls can actually create a sense of more space – as you can see when you drag the arrow over in the interactive graphic. Try grouping your furniture together by theme, so that it feels like there are distinct zones rather than one big collection.

make living room look better

The Kitchen
The secret to a workable kitchen is to stay organized. Just look at the ‘Before’ image below: it’s by no means an untidy kitchen, but there are pots, pans, and containers all over the place just by virtue of it being a kitchen.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. As the ‘After’ shows, your kitchen is actually hiding lots of potential storage space – mostly on the walls and hanging inside cupboards. Using matching food jars also creates more of a sense of order.

make kitchen look better

The Bedroom
Looks kind of familiar, huh? The last place you think to tidy (cos nobody else will see it), the boudoir tends to become a dumping ground when you’re getting ready for work or bed and don’t have the time or energy to put things away properly. But your messy bedroom may be interfering with your sleep patterns.

Do yourself a favor. Make your bed in the morning. And take 30 seconds in the evening to hang your clothes in the closet, to tidy your room and your mind.

make bedroom look better

The Bathroom
The bathroom is not just a place to pass through when attending certain essential personal duties. It’s a place to feel pampered, secure, and comfortable. Leaving your toothbrush on the counter and towels hanging limply where you can find space is not the ideal way to achieve this.

Find some time to give your bathroom some love. As the ‘After’ image shows here, rolling towels instead of folding them gives instant class. And a toothbrush holder needn’t be expensive – in fact, the more personal and handmade it is, the better.

make bathroom look better

The Hallway
What a mess! Coats hung on top of jackets hung on top of coats. Abandoned bags and shoes.

The first step is to add more light and air to your hallway by installing a mirror. That’ll make it much easier to get an idea of what’s making it look so untidy – and to switch around your storage solutions until you find a system that works.

make hallway look better

The Home Office
The computer age hasn’t meant the end of paper: it means our studies are now cluttered with paper and computer cables.

Try keeping files and folders out of sight down below, so you can add just a couple of ornaments or pictures at eye-level to create a less stressful feel. And please, please invest in some cable clips. It will make you feel good inside.

make home office look better

The Garden
Particularly through the colder months, it’s easy to let things go in the garden. It becomes somewhere to take the trash and half-heartedly think about next season’s seeds.

Start with that trash area – your garden can look ‘rustic,’ so get arty with old crates, vintage barrels, paint, and show it some love with a new recycling center. And when the weather does start to get warm, put a birdfeeder outside to instantly add life.

make outdoors look better

So – which space will you transform first?

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