Creating floor plans with MagicPlan

by Greg on July 18, 2014

MagicPlan iPhone/iPad App

Drawing floor plans is usually thought of as a difficult task. So if you are selling your property, for example, you’ll probably seek services of a professional to draw a floor plan for you.

However, if you are on a tight budget there is an alternative – you can do it easily by yourself using an iPhone/iPad app called MagicPlan.

Using the app is pretty easy – it basically tells you what to do every step of the way.

For creating an initial room drawing you can use one of two options: either draw it by using the tools provided in the app, or by capturing the room with your iPhone’s (or iPad’s) camera.
magic plan app screenshot
This last option is very cool. Basically you point your camera at the room corners and one corner after another you create an exact drawing of your room. What makes this process easy are the step by step instructions that you get.

After you have the walls of the room done, you can easily adjust the dimensions and shapes of the walls.
Next step would be to add interior, and it is a breeze with MagicPlan – it has a huge database of anything you might need: appliances, furniture, electrical, plumbing and more. Heck they even have cars to put in your garage!

Once you are finished with your first room, it is just as easy to add as many rooms as you need and doors and windows.

You can download MagicPlan for free, however they charge you to export your plans to other formats such as PDF (and others). It is $3.79 for a single plan, or you can purchase a subscription to export unlimited plans for $12.99 per month / $129.99 per year.

It is not cheap, but compared to hiring professional services it is much cheaper, especially if you only need to create a single floor plan. And don’t forget the “screen capture” option which is completely free – draw your plan, and then press the power and home buttons on your device simultaneously. You’ll have your floor plan image in the camera roll for free.

Here is a screen capture of a sample plan that took me about two minutes to create.
magic plan app screenshot 2

Now it is your turn! Download MagicPlan from the Apple store for free and start drawing!

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