Consider the types of laminate flooring before buying

by Greg on April 25, 2019

hardwood styled laminate flooring

Choices are great. However, if you do not know your options , decision making can turn into a hard task. When it comes to laminate floors, this fact could never be more accurate.
With the vast array of laminate floors on the market, it is crucial to consider the types of hardwood laminate before buying. By having this in mind, you can choose an option that is easy on your pocket and designed to suit your needs. For this purpose, here are the various types of laminate flooring available at your disposal.

Based on the method of installation

Wood grain laminate flooring
A common choice for flooring in Vancouver is wood finished hardwood laminate flooring. As opposed to its counterparts, laminate does a swell job imitating hardwood floors thus only seconds the best in its finishing.
Unlike hardwood, it comes in blocks that are similar therefore making it easy to create the patterns you had pictured. Also, hardwood laminate flooring is cheaper than other options on the market and most resistant to scratches.

Glueless laminate
A typical hardwood laminate flooring for DIY enthusiasts is the adhesive-free laminate boards. Apart from cutting the cost that would have erstwhile been channeled to glue, this makes laying the boards leisurely thus allowing you to do away with professional installers.
However, to ensure that it sticks to the ground and does not produce a hollow sound while in use, you have to get an underlayment. Also, if poorly installed, the laminate boards are bound to come off or even get exposed to more damage.
To avoid damage, consulting a professional for hardwood flooring might be necessary.

Glued laminate boards
Unlike the latter, fixed laminate boards require more time to install, and some know-how. Even better, when you stick your boards to the ground, you increase their grip thus coming up with a durable floor.
However, given that adhesive will be used, you have to set aside a slightly higher amount of money for the glue.

Pre-glued laminate boards
A great option to do away with the task of applying glue and still achieve a strong bond with your floor is the pre-glued laminate. Although it is easy to install, this type of hardwood laminate flooring does not tolerate errors.
With this in mind, consider getting a professional for hardwood flooring who is adept with installing pre-glued laminate boards. By hiring a professional, you not only eliminate the chances of going wrong but also bringing forth an excellent house finish.

Based on texture

Smooth laminate flooring
Owing to the success of hardwood laminate floors in imitating other material, it brings forth a remarkable ceramic look, therefore, giving you a smooth surface. Even better, this is easier to clean and least susceptible to damage as compared to its ceramic counterparts thus assuring you a service that is worth your money.

Embossed laminate flooring
For hardwood laminate flooring to successfully imitate real wood, embossing it does the trick. Unlike hardwood floors, however, the pattern on laminate flooring is constant thus creating a more appealing look when installed.
Even better, this is cheaper than it counterparts thus leaving you a substantial amount of cash for other use. Perhaps it is due to this reason that it is a standard option for flooring.

Oiled wood finish
If you aim to give your house a sense of class and achieve the look of untreated wood, this is the ideal laminate flooring option. Unlike its counterparts, this appears like natural wood treated by oil and cannot be recognized as laminate by an untrained eye.

Based on AC Rating

For laminate floors, many tend to think that thicker is always better. However, this is not the whole truth. In determining the durability of hardwood laminate floors, you have to consider its Abrasion Criteria (also AC Rating).
This tells you how a laminate material can withstand abrasion, staining and other tests of time. For a laminate floor with an AC rating, you are assured longer lasting service and also guaranteed quality. To understand the difference of hardwood of laminate flooring based on AC ratings here are the different levels.

AC 1: this is ideal for areas with low traffic and usually used by less than two people. This type of hardwood laminate boards is suitable for spaces like bedrooms or even your home office.
AC 2: this is the conventional type of laminate boards that can withstand general traffic without giving in to the challenge. These kinds of boards are ideal for houses where traffic is only human and light machinery.
AC 3: also meant for residential purposes, this can be used in all areas ranging from the house to hotels and offices.
AC 4: made to withstand frequent high traffic, AC 4 boards are ideal for clubs, big offices, boutiques and hotels that host a vast number of clients.
AC 5: this level is the strongest among laminate floors. This can be used on high traffic areas without giving in to damage as opposed to its counterparts.
The above elements are crucial to have in mind when considering the types of hardwood laminate flooring before buying. While at it, you may opt to engage a professional thus removing this burden off your shoulders.

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