Co-living communities: 5 key things to know

by Greg on March 7, 2019


In the current modern age with overpriced housing and overpopulated cities with expensive rentals, co-living is an affordable and convenient solution. This option is available in many major cities like New York and Los Angeles. It allows you to experience life in a big city, whilst merely just renting a room in a fully furnished home with many benefits. This will save you a great deal of time and resources. Below are 5 things you should know before deciding to co-live.

1. What is co-living?

Put simply, it is living with roommates in a big city. However, you have amenities and less responsibilities as you would if you were living alone. Most communal living apartments are fully furnished with expensive trimmings and household essentials, they also often include free laundromat services, household cleaning, access to pools and free internet. Some may even call it a dorm for adults. But it is much more than renting a room, it’s the experience of living in a big exciting city, having a private room, large lavishly decorated communal spaces, access to events and much more. All inhabitants have one thing in common, they want to live in comfort and convenience at home. Anyone can choose to cohabitate, whether its students, couples, professionals or nomads.

2. How does communal living compare to other forms of housing?

Studies show that communal living can save you up to $380 a month and will cost much less than the average studio apartment in the city, upon adding up the amenities and monthly expenses. Communal living allows you to pay one flat rate which covers all the necessities you will need including toilet paper, oil, teabags, coffee, utilities, smart TV and much more. You will also have access to the gym, movie ticket offers, access to the rooftop deck, patio and any other amenities that owners will be enjoying.

3. What if I am a shy person?

You are not obligated to stay in a common space, it may be seen as an invite rather. Everyone will be different, coming from different backgrounds with different lifestyles. This is one of the reasons why common living is so great. You can also opt to have your space and enjoy peace and quiet in the comfort of your room. If you’re a shy or introvert person, you still enjoy spending time with other people, but you can decide when you have had enough and want to return to your bedroom. There will always be an event to attend or something to do in common living areas, but you will get to choose what you want to participate in. In the rare event that you don’t get along with your fellow roommates, you can speak with a customer success manager to help you work on the relationship or work around it. Your concerns are carefully noted and addressed accordingly. They may even offer you a transfer to another home in the city or in another city if it is available. The situation with each individual who is encountering problems will determine each individual solution.

4. What perks are involved in communal living?

You will get much more than a beautifully decorated apartment and high-quality amenities, you will also experience curated activities around the city on weekends. Many people have enjoyed events like Cross-Fit, Super Bowl Parties, wine and paint nights, musicals and distillery tours. Many members even host their own events and get funding for food and drinks together with other party must-haves. The members will also receive discounts from major providers like Classpass and Talkspace. Categories may include food and drinks, health and wellness and shopping.

5. How can you apply?

Applying for communal living is very simple. All you need to do is fill out a survey on the site of the company you want to go with. You may even directly contact them to set up a meeting and discuss renting a room in the shared apartment. You can discuss the location you want and the basic requirements so that the agent can be on the lookout for homes that match your criteria. You can then set up a tour date and meet the occupants briefly. A credit check is done on every person that wants to co-live and you could be moving in within 7 days.

Co-living is enjoyed by many people who want to meet others with similar interests as them, or lifestyles. The idea stems from the fact that humans need to be around people to live a happy and fulfilling life. There are so many benefits like less financial pressure on the individual and having a strong support system when you really need it most. It offers people a sense of belonging and currently appeals to younger people and digital nomads.

What about fears?

Many people may be afraid of such practices due to safety, current scams and whether it is actually a good idea to put a bunch of strangers in the same house. However, it is something that most youngsters aren’t phased by, and seem to be enjoying. Communal living isn’t just a chance to experience big city life and small prices, or to enjoy great benefits, its also about security and safety. Most of these spaces are fully secured and have smart home facilities that may even enable people to enter the home they occupy without even having a key or access card.

Moreover, you will get to enjoy the benefits of the city, while just paying for your occupancy. You won’t have to invest in furniture or even bedding as everything is provided. The best part is that you can leave whenever you want, without being tied down to a lengthy lease agreement. If you have moved from another city, this may be quite beneficial as you can move around and take your time to decide which part of the city you wish to settle in. communal living has many great benefits to offer anyone who is willing to give it a try.

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