5 Ways to Deal With the Stress of Buying a House

by Chris Lang on February 9, 2012

stressed home buyer

Let’s face it – buying a house is stressful. This process can completely take over your life and change many things about it. First you start giving up activities you used to enjoy, then your priorities change, suddenly there is tension in your family, which can escalate to frequent conflicts, and so on. You need to be aware of the cause of all that, to get your life back to normal.

Here is how to keep your sanity:

Find funny sides of it – make jokes about the houses you see, the estate agents, and your own experiences. It will help you see house-hunting in a more positive light.

Keep doing sports – it’s true that searching for a house takes a lot of time, but don’t let it take your exercising time. I found myself skipping my swims week after week (of course there were always excuses, but they don’t change the fact that I was “wagging”). Sports are a great way to discharge bad energy.

Don’t skip the walks – make sure you walk the dog or take a walk with your partner at least once a day. Fresh air makes a lot of bad thoughts go away.

Go to bed before midnight – I found that if I went to bed even 15 minutes before the midnight I felt much more refreshed in the morning than other days when I fell asleep after midnight. I can’t explain this fact but many friends I spoke to about this felt the same way.

Take one step back – remember, there is no such house that you “must have” at any cost. If it becomes a worse deal than you thought, give it up, walk away – you can always find another one and who knows, maybe it will become the home you love.

P.S. It is funny how all the people in the world go through similar experiences. After posting this article, I found another one on the same topic – so here is more about dealing with stress of buying a house.

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Brig February 22, 2012 at 1:16 pm

Try selling! After selling we will be buying. Joy! I’m trying to make it a little easier on the potential buyer via our house blog. It gives a bit more insight, a chance to ask questions, and get answers from us, the owners. Only new, so can’t say buyers are finding this a great relief, but hopefully it will help both parties 🙂


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