Building a New House: Choose the Right Front Door

by Greg on June 20, 2013

Nice front door

Your front door should create the right impression. So who do you want to impress?

Your Visitors

To feel welcome to all possible visitors your door should

  • Look Interesting
    There are no real excuses for boring doors. There are a huge of choices in doors, just go to one of the big DIY stores or a specialist door supplier.
  • Be Wide Enough
    Could you get a wheelchair through it? 820mm  should be the minimum opening size. You can go wider with double doors, or even a Pivot Door which gives the widest single opening.
  • Be Visible From Street
    New Visitors should be able to clearly see where the front door is. Sounds obvious but doesn’t always happen in practice.
  • Be Well Lit
    I prefer a low energy light with a time switch rather than one of those detector switches. That means the doorway looks welcoming from a distance.

Here is an example of how the front door shouldn’t look:

bad example for front door

Potential Burglars

You want to impress a potential thief that its all too hard. Being well lit and visible from the street although good for visitors is also a deterrent for burglars.

Other things you can do to help make a thief think somewhere else might be an easier target are:

  • A Dead Bolt
    Fitted in addition to the locking handle and preferable 300mm higher.
  • Avoid Clear Glass
    Use frosted glass or obscured in both the door and any side panels. The less a thief can see the more uncertain they will be.


Brian Ashworth

Brian is a Civil Engineer with over 40 years experience in the construction industry. He, and his wife, have had three new houses built. The first in England and the other two in Australia. One of the Australian houses was designed by Brian as a Passive Solar House and the other, a project home, orientated and extensively modified to make the best use of the sun. He has been running the Anewhouse blog for two and a half years.

This post is based on Brian’s latest book ‘A New House Guide to Pre-Start or Selection Meetings’. This extensive guide aims to prepare new builders for all the decisions on details that will turn a house into a home. The guide available as an E-book for $4 and can be purchased on his website.

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